Trump’s Determination To Cut Aid To Corrupt And Rogue Regime Around The World

By: Jerry Wehtee Wion


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
February 3, 2017


President Trump

I have been warning the Liberian government that U.S. President Donald was about you cut off the American taxpayers' free money pipeline to corrupt and rogue regime around the world. That governments around the world that depend on American free money needed to adopt new measures to be financially self-sufficient in running their countries. And those that didn't take the warning seriously are now in for a rude awakening.

I have written extensively over the years questioning the wisdom of paying anyone in the Liberian government over $40,000.00 a year. We know---and I have written about this numerous times--that for a country devastated by a 14-yesr civil war, there is no justification for people in government to earn Wall Street-like salaries ranging from $100,000.00 to $400,000.00.

Despite the fact that Liberia does not have safe drinking water and electricity for its citizens, yet Liberian Lawmakers earn far more in salaries of $185,000.00 each yearly plus other perks than their counterparts in the US Congress who each earn $174,000.00 yearly. As for the Liberian President and Vice President's salaries and perks. your guess is as good as mine.

Back to simple math. There are 103 Liberian lawmakers. Each lawmaker earns US $185,000.00 a year. In 12 years at the end of 2017, each lawmaker who has been serving would have earned US $2,220,000.00. Therefore all 103 Senators and Representatives take home pay of our tax dollars is a whopping US $228 660,000.00 (Two hundred twenty-eight million, six hundred sixty thousand dollars.) And this does not include money for cars, gasoline, rent and for some like the House Speaker and Senate Pro-Tempore money for private electric generators. Where is the incentive to rush to restore electricity to the country?

And most of that money is free American taxpayers’ money where the U.S. State Department reports yearly about corruption but no accountability for these corrupt regimes. No wonder Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was so heart broken when Donald Trump defeated her friend Hillary Clinton that President Sirleaf told the BBC she was "disappointed in the choice of the American voters" and that she had hoped they rather elected Hillary.

With President Trump now to cut US foreign aid by 40 percent, failed States like Liberia that run their economies largely on donor money from the United States, Europe and Asia will now have to adopt new austerity measures to avoid economic collapse.

But instead of calling for an emergency session of the Liberian Legislature to cut salaries and other pork barrel waste, President Sirleaf the Harvard University trained Economist leader of Liberia is merely suspending foreign travels by government officials for 90 days. Hope it is not too little, too late as the entire business community in Liberia is on a nationwide strike protesting against economic hardships. 

With Trump the Wharton Business School graduate in charge of the US economy, Liberia's Harvard University Economist President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is faced with nationwide strike and an economy teetering on the brink of collapse after nearly 12 years in power. This is where the rubber meets the road and Harvard economists meet the challenge.

And more trouble could be in for President Sirleaf as Mr. Trump decides the fate of tens of thousands of Liberian war refugees on TPS (Temporary Protected Status) whose stay in America is at the discretion of each American President since George Bush in 2004.

 About the Author: Jerry Wehtee Wion, Journalist and Political Commentator, Washington, DC, USA.

Sylvester moses
Official fraud, waste, and the arrogant refusal to ensure public investment in infrastructural developments that would have created jobs and hummed Liberia's economic engine were the main drivers of the financial breakdown. But EJS and the beneficiaries of that economic sabotage would have Liberians believe that Ebola and fall in prices of iron ore and so on are the culprits.

For instance, how much gold and diamonds mined in Liberia were sold abroad in the last eleven years, and what went to LRA as revenue? Yet, while the vast majority of Liberians are undergoing poverty, EJS is allegedly conspiring to enthrone Brumskine for another six years of the same old, same old.

She and her parasitic chameleons are unbelievable. Trump is taking a sensible step by shutting down the free money pipeline. Of course, ordinary Liberians wouldn't miss a farthing!
Sylvester moses at 12:04PM, 2017/02/03.
Theodore T. Hodge

Let's remember not to cut off the nose just to spite the face. Liberia, still struggling to land on her feet from years of instability, will need all the help she can get --- from the USA and other global partners. Yes, there have been abuses in the past, but we must remember a new administration is about to take the helm of leadership. Let us not be blinded by our outrage and hatred for Madam Sirleaf and the outgoing administration. Liberia is still going to need all the help to turn things around. And it is a misconception to believe that the USA, or any other donor, loads planeloads of cash and hands it to governments around the world. Sometimes the money comes in the mode of "smell no taste", if you know what I mean. Some of the monies are never realized; in some cases, they come out there an spend it themselves...

Second point: Let's be careful with our high praise and admiration for President Donald J. Trump. It is clear that many of his acts since entering the oval office have been quite dysfunction, erratic and irrational. Perhaps cutting off foreign aid to allies around the world without considering its effect on US foreign policy is not the most rational decision to make --- especially so early in the first few days. Seemingly, all that matters is finding a trillion dollars to buil a war along the Mexican border; not exactly the plan of a genius.

Thirdly, Madam EJS was certainly not the only world leader disappointed and dismayed at the strange (perhaps tragic) decision or mistake to put such a dysfunctional and temperamental person in charge of the US government. Just ask the people of Mexico and Iran, along with Arabs and Muslims in general, for whom he has become a living nightmare. But in addition to those he has grudgingly described as enemies, the traditional friends of the US, including Canada, Great Britain, Germany and France spoke out against his candidacy and expressed serious reservations --- the first time that has ever occurred in recent times.

But if you want proof of the nightmare we collectively have on our hands, check with Americans themselves. From federal judges, to professional employees at State, Justice and Homeland Security Departments, to ordinary citizens who demonstrate daily... we could be in for a very long four-year period. Let's not pray to have this maniac reverse the status quo.
Theodore T. Hodge at 10:15PM, 2017/02/04.
sylvester moses
To clarify a stated position, agreeing with a single initiative isn’t symptomatic of being an endorser of President Trump’s already assailed divisive policies and tactics. For us, the clincher is our final sentence, “Of course, ordinary Liberians wouldn't miss a farthing!”

Even before Mrs. Sirleaf and her ACDL colleagues took the War Option on her insistence, they relentlessly lobbied the US Congress to cut off aid to Liberia. By the way, that’s an open secret. And as along as the vast majority of our people aren’t benefitting from a direct foreign funding, rooting for the proposed measure is an expression of righteous indignation against her unaccountable governance, or any similar future one. But, above all, the topic of the article is “Trump’s Determination To Cut Aid To Corrupt And Rogue Regimes Around The World”. It informs that even by his own sometimes bizarre calculations, Liberia has to be incapable of weaning herself off corruption to be included in any aid cut off.

Hence, “to cut off the nose just to spite the face” is apt if we believe the vampire invincible. In that case, Trump is the least of the regime’s worries. For, unless commonsense prevails, any ban he intends to impose would be overtaken by commotion considering the protests growing in Liberia due to unfair taxes.
sylvester moses at 01:32PM, 2017/02/05.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
So, debunking the rotteness of Ellen and Joe Boakai´s wasteful 12 years in the presidency has become "been blinded by our outrage and hatred for Madam Sirleaf and the outgoing administration or signs of "high praise and admiration for President Donald J. Trump."? Well, even "the supporting cast" of Ellen´s cartel may disagree with such notion.

When a "status quo", whatever it may be, is WORST THAN whichever "maniac", the most appropriate solution is to "Reverse" it or trash it without any delay; even if it calls for "cutting off the nose just to spite the face" or throwing the evil baby away with the tub, as is the case with the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf´s and Joe Boakai´s cartel.

After all, it is written that if your eye or arm is threatening (as is the Ellen´s and Joe´s status quo), we should plug or cut each off without any delay! And the truth been told,as Mr.Moses hinted,such funds or aid are simply for the foreign accounts of the likes of Ellen, Joes Boakai, and their cronies and relatives. PERIOD!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 03:54PM, 2017/02/06.
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