Can Prince Johnson Backed Boakai - Gongloe Ticket Save The Day For VP Boakai & Liberia?

By Jerry Wehtee Wion

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
February 15, 2017


Sen Prince Johnson, VP Boakai and Clr. Gongloe

Should I have waited and kept my mouth shut until Charles Brumskine and VP Boakai pick their VPs? Then the damage would have gone beyond repair. So, our fellow native Liberian politicians, please hear me. But what I don't understand about these native political figures is, why must they run to political parties headed by Congua only to lobby for VP positions? Why? Are they not good enough to head the ticket and ask Congua or whoever to be VP to them? 

Or why couldn't Harrison Kanwea and Jeremiah Sulunteh and Joe Boakai work out a deal to have one of them go as VP to Boakai; Boakai would then agree to serve one term at his age, then his VP moves up and pick the other person to be the VP? It would mean a win-win situation for native candidates and voters.

What is this notion that after nearly 170 years of so-called independence that natives who constitute 95 percent of the population have produced just one President, Samuel Kanyon Doe out of a total of 24 presidents? And here we are with our big native politicians fighting to be VPs to Congua? There is a curse hanging over natives from the century-plus years of native marginalization by the Congua that we natives don't see any good in ourselves. Sad indeed.

I have written so many times about historic importance of native unity so we can take our country back from these political vultures and vampires whose only interest is to enrich themselves while our people wallow in grinding poverty. Why wouldn't natives Joe Boakai, George Weah, Jeremiah Sulunteh, Harrison Kanwea and Prince Yormie Johnson work together for an unstoppable tribal coalition? Now some of them are crawling for crumbs and bones that fall from the master Congua dinner table. 

Everyone is abandoning the Unity Party that put clothes on their backs, roof over their heads, food on the table and money in their pockets all because a native man, Joe Boakai is heading the party. But they were all comfortable when Congua Ellen ran the show. So they must run now to other Congua talking about how they have been marginalized in the Unity Party, and running to Charles Brumskine who and both Charles Taylor and Ellen masterminded the genocide that whipped out promised entry of native politicians from both Nimba and Bong Counties: Jackson F, Doe, Same Dokie, Moses Dopoe, Emoch Dokoleah of Nimba and Gabriel Kpolleh of Bong.

This leaves Prince Johnson and Tiawonn Gongloe to try and work with VP Boakai and see reason for Nimba and its elders to put forth someone for consideration as VP to Boakai. If Sulunteh goes with Alex Cummings and Jewel Taylor now with Weah, Bong County is not a sure bet anymore just as Nimba is with Kanwea bolting the Unity Party running to Brumskine. But Prince Johnson still holds sway as kingmaker in Nimba. Young Tiawon Gongloe, with the endorsement of PYJ and the Chiefs of Nimba could then deliver Nimba, the second vote-rich county next to Montserrado as the knockout punch in round one for Boakai in October.

That our educated natives feel they can fare any better as VPs under a Congua is simply to look back and see how Jackson Doe was overlooked by William Tolbert and the TWP who went for James E. Greene as VP. Or still, Enoch Dokoleah and Moses Blah under Charles Taylor and now Joe Boakai under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. When are we tribal politicians going to learn from history and our mistakes? And we all know how Ellen is supporting Congua Charles Brumskine to protect her interest when she leaves office in about 10 months. Wake up native people and smell the fire or we could be holding our heads and cry again. Da me say so.

About The Author: Jerry Wehtee Wion, Journalist and Political Commentator, Washington,,DC, USA

It Doesnt Matter
I will not state my name but I am Liberian of both Native and Americo-Liberian decent. I was born in 1991 in America but do not discredit my knowledge and opinion on Liberian because of this, please.

It is 2017 and I cannot understand why people are still promoting this congo vs. country thing. Liberian people must come together! Before you are congo or native, YOU ARE LIBERIAN. One more time, YOU ARE LIBERIAN FIRST. I love the fact that I'm Americo Liberian as much as I love the fact that I'm a BASSA & GOLA Man. Plenty of young people in my generation feel this way too, especially the ones who grew up in America hearing stories of how glorious Liberia was before the heartbreaking war. My generation isnt like my parent's generation, we embraced all sides of our identity. We all love being Native and being Congo, we love it. We arent like you old folks. Excuse the disrespect but you old people need to go somewhere with this country vs. congo bullshit and let it rest oh. WE ARE LIBERIAN FIRST. One more time, WE ARE LIBERIAN FIRST.

Does it matter if the president is congo or native? If a foreigner comes to Liberia to do business, do you think he or she will care if the president is congo or native? If the next president restores Liberia and brings them back to being the top nation in Africa, will it matter if they're native or americo-Liberian? It doesnt matter because you are Liberian first. When you go out and meet people, do tell them I'm Americo Liberian or Native Liberian? No, you tell them you're Liberian.

This country vs. congo thing has caused so many problems, it was the root to the destruction of our nation. I'm tired of it. I dont look down on Natives, I dont look up to congos. I look at all Liberians the same. I dont care what tribe you are from, you are Liberian and I will put you on pedestal and treat you with more respect than anybody else in this world. Both, native and congo politicians have stolen from our country. Everybody has blood on their hands.

I understand you have pride in being 100% native but you are Liberian first and should use a person's character as a basis to whether they are fit to be president. I'm not saying that the natives you listed in this article are not fit. All I'm saying is judge a person by their character, judging one you do know by strictly their ethnicity is problematic. Saying things like "Take our country back" causes tension and friction. Do you want division in our country? I want peace, I dont know about you.

I respect your opinion my fellow Liberian but please put this native vs. congo thing to rest. Love your brothers and sisters no matter if they came from the slave fields, bomi hills or nimba.

Liberia over Everything, Da me say so.
It Doesnt Matter at 02:52PM, 2017/02/15.
Jerry Wehtee Wion
No need responding to a hide-your-name coward who has not fully grasped the less than human treatment imposed on natives since the beginning of our nationhood by the congua and to this date. When Congua who are in the minority (5%) refuse to be VP to natives who are the majority (95%), don't you see their false sense of superiority over natives they have been fed over the years from their fathers?

When you run away from slavery but you sell as slaves those natives who welcome you, don't you see the contradictions? When you claim to run a democracy but you deny the right to vote and to hold public office to your fellow citizens because of their ethnicity, don't you see the CONGUA-NATIVE divide?

When you say you have a democracy but the system produces 24 presidents and only one is native (Samuel Doe), don't you see the CONGUA-NATIVE divide? When you see your fathers turned into the equivalent of human horses and are forced at gunpoint to carry the Congua on their heads in hammocks, don't you see the Divide?

When natives are forced to pay taxes without any representation in the government, don't you see the divide?

Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Jerry Wehtee Wion at 07:50PM, 2017/02/15.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Mr. Coward Hide Name,

Yes, with only one native president amongst all of the presidents, IT DOES MATTER AND VERY SERIOUSLY TOO WHETHER THE PRESIDENT IS NATIVE OR CONGAU just as it does matter whether the next president is a "THIRD-TERM GIFT to Ellen and her Unity Party only to have a native president Joe Boakai who is or would be THE SAME IN TERMS OF CHARLES BRUMSKINE OR ALEXANDER CUMMINGS PROTECTING ELLEN'S INTEREST.Make no mistake about that Jerry, it is natural that Joe Boakai would be more a protector of Ellen's interest just as it would be with Charles Brumskine to whom Ellen doles out nearly all of government's very juicy contracts.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 08:57PM, 2017/02/15.
Samuel K. Doe
The anger in your hearts toward Congo people will not bring YOU prosperity.

I could never be a coward, I'm just wittier and move wiser than you two and don't feel need to identify myself, I have nothing to prove. I know who I am and I'm comfortable with my decision, that must upset y'all. Don't be mad, holding on to negative energy is unhealthy.

Regardless, you both are Liberian first before you are native.

Also, you are referring to things that happened in the past, not things happening currently in Liberia. I'm sorry our native people went thru that. My great grandmother was born a house girl and went thru that all but never held a grudge towards Congo people. She forgave them but she's a god fearing women and you may not be, so you're logic may be different.

Both native and Congo people are suffering in Liberia currently, not just natives. You think it is only natives suffering? Be real Pekin.

It's sad that I try to bring unity and yall shoot it down. Also Alex Cummings is of both native and Congo descent. The same with Charles, he's bassa, don't deny his heritage to spew your narrative.

Y'all must enjoy conflict. It seems like y'all want to pay your debts at the expense of Congo people because of what they did in an different century. Also you failed to mention the how natives treated each other doing the war. So should you hate certain tribes forever because of what they did? I'm sure you don't, they're native, you love them no matter what, right..? The one native president we had did the same things as the Congo presidents. He received $500 million in aid from Reagan's administration and use it to do what? Not much, he ate the money just like the Congo people you hate. He opposed the people of nimba. He killed Mano and Gios. So that goes to show you, it doesn't matter if you're native or Congo.

Let's be real, nobody is 100% Congo. Y'all know that too, that's why I say put this Congo vs. country thing to rest. By 2050, there won't be any 100% Congo people, there aren't many now either. We've integrated cultures. I'm not a Lorma man but my favorite soup is torborgee. I ate palm oil on Sundays despite Congo people saying not do so. These are just small examples.

I want unity with my people. I'm tired of all this division. There's no need for native vs Congo. There's no need for hatred.

I'm sorry but I'm for unity and peace among my people. I hope you find love, peace and forgiveness in your hearts.

Y'all be blessed.

P.S calling me a coward for not stating my name is childish, I don't seek internet validation from strangers, that's immature. Lol
Samuel K. Doe at 09:44PM, 2017/02/15.
Samuel K. Doe
Also, Jerry you're 61 probably going on 62 years old. I'm sure the hatred for the other side is too deep rooted at this point to be corrected but I will pray for you my brother.
Samuel K. Doe at 09:50PM, 2017/02/15.
Samuel K. Doe
Lastly, Jerry weren't you married to a Congo woman with the last name Wilson? The irony but it is what is lol

Samuel K. Doe at 09:57PM, 2017/02/15.
sahara yassadou
Wion, for me, I think we passed that stage of tribalism. I considered all of us as Liberians and the issue of Congo and native is an obsolete debate that has no bearing. How many of your natives in the House of Parliament? Can you count six congo people there? What have they done as natives? What any rational Liberian should be speaking of is, HONESTY. Whether Native or Congo, once honesty is lacking, we can never make progress. The only Native President you ever had was a despotic President who only put his Krahns above other tribes.

Hope this will help you understand the need to integrate rather than to disintegrate Liberia as you are suggesting.
sahara yassadou at 02:29AM, 2017/02/16.
Andrew Worth
Over the next few decades Liberia will see several different Presidents elected, I've no doubt that we'll see some who are more Conga and some who are more Native amongst their numbers. I hope that what is important to those Presidents is not their tribal affiliations but the betterment of their country, because any President that puts their tribe first is going to be destabilizing for the country, and Liberians deserve better than the sort of divisiveness that could lead to more conflict.
Andrew Worth at 02:47AM, 2017/02/16.
Jerry S. Wonde

I can get upset whenever I hear the so called civilized Congo people stopping a native from sharing the truth about our country with his or her native brothers and sisters especially during the election period.

Let take for instance, when Madam Sirleaf became President, you know for sure from which background she recruited most of her Ministers,Deputy Ministers, Assistant Ministers and Directors. When election is approaching, the Congo people will preach we are one policy, but after the elections it is different ball game.

Currently in Monrovia, we have seen the prolifiration of political parties. Majority of those political parties are headed by the very Congo people. All because they want to be at the whim of state power always to mismanage the state resources. Realistically speaking, why would 5% of a population will always want to rule the 95% of the population always? Does it make sense?

For some of us natives in Liberia, this 2017 Election is a decisive point for us. With all the stealing in the Sirleaf led Government the name of Boakai has not been mentioned in any form or ship when it comes to corruption. This is the kind of native I will support to redeem our native land from those rouges.

J. Seo Wonde
Jerry S. Wonde at 09:42AM, 2017/02/16.
I understand everybody is afraid of PYJ. What do you have to say to that?
kweme at 03:19PM, 2017/03/07.
FIRSTLADY at 10:10PM, 2017/03/17.

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