The Divide Between: “Americo/Congo” And “Country-Indigenous” Liberians

By Bai M. Gbala, Sr.

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
March 20, 2017


Charles Brumskine & Charles Taylor

Indeed, there had been, and is, rigid reality of a Divide – Socio-cultural, Ethnic-indigenous - between Liberians. It is the core of Liberia’s socio-economic and political under-development since 1847. No level of academic and intellectual verbal rationalizations can wish away this reality.

This effort and approach demand un-doing the foundations of the structures createdsocio-economic, cultural, legal, fundamental systems of public administration, service delivery, modern development planning, financial management & reporting, etc., with “guts” and the “political will” to produce pre-determined, desirable results.

This submerged but simmering national contest exploded to the surface, recently, during an internal Unity Party debate concerning President Sirleaf’s alleged support of Americo-Liberian, Cllr. Brunskine of the Liberty Party, especially given facts that in accordance with Education, life-style, attire (until lately, after the April, 1980 Event), mannerism, deportment and body language convey the reality that Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was, and is, socio-culturally European-German, American, Americo-Liberian, while she is bio-physically indigenous African-Liberian.

One of our critical problems, apparently, is that although all of us“Americo-Congo” and “Country-indigenous” Liberians - suffered the deadly impact of this unfortunate reality, particularly, the April, 1980 Event and the historic nightmare of the December, 1989 Invasion, but there are those of us – Liberians – who promote and defend the continuation of this deadly DIVIDE, unmindful of the facts that we have come a long, long way with inter-marriages, business unions and, even, cultural acceptance with ethnic diversity.

Today, it will be, and is difficult to find a Liberian (age 30 down, and they are in the majority of the nation’s population) among the informed and educated, with the awesome responsibility for the future of our country, who is 100% “country-indigenous” or “Americo-Congo”.  Therefore, is it not reasonable, but also, in obedience to the process of “human historical change” for progress, democratic liberalism and move forward in peace and unity?

At this critical period in time, our country stands in need of leaders-teachers, period, who are dedicated, loyal, patriotic, progressive, liberal with national pride, irrespective of or without consideration of “Americo-Congo” or “Country-Indigenous”, not followers of continuously shifting of alliances for economic gain.

Finally, ours is a small country of less than 4 million people, sparsely distributed in an area of 43,000 square miles with more land than people. It is, also, endowed with more, in relative terms, natural resources than its size requires.

2 0 1 7 is our excellent opportunity for constructive Change from doing the same thing for a century with disastrous

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