PRINCE JOHNSON:   Liberia’s Most Notorious Murderer


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April 8, 2017


PYJ in action

“A tree is identified by its fruit. If a tree is good, its fruit will be good. If a tree is bad, its fruit will be bad. You brood of snakes! How could evil men like you speak what is good and right?”

Honorable Prince Y. Johnson, an honorable member of the Liberian Senate is a notorious murderer!

His killings of innocent civilians outside the theater of war, coupled with other crimes of war against humanity was egregious and a moral outrage. The incident of murders committed by Hon. Prince Johnson during the civil war in Liberia was outstanding in a class of its own, having no match or comparison to any other warlord or perpetrator of crimes against humanity in the Liberian civil war, even for the limited period he was active.

Honorable Prince Johnson was on a murderous spree during the war in Liberia. He performed his murders, executions, and deprivations mostly in the public glare. The eye witnesses to his murders, execution, hostage taking, kidnapping and sexual slavery are numerous. Many Liberians know and saw our Honorable man in action and will never forget!

The singular crimes, murders committed by Honorable Prince Johnson personally as the leader of the disbanded Independent National Patriotic Front (INPFL) warring faction, which he founded and led as “Field Mashall” exceeded, without comparison, all the crimes committed by all members of his INPFL combined. Also, the disbanded MODEL warring faction committed fewer incidents of war crimes and murders than Honorable Prince Y. Johnson.

Honorable Prince Y. Johnson will be prosecuted
Honorable Prince Y. Johnson is an honorable man, but he is a notorious mass murderer. He does not deserve recognition as he is craving, he deserves justice!

Honorable Prince Y. Johnson, like several others, will be tried and prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity as justice demands. He deserves to be sentenced and put behind bars for the rest of his useful life just as his leader, former President Charles G. Taylor.  For the crimes of murders, public executions, property destruction, abductions, kidnappings, cruel and inhumane treatments of civilians, mass displacement, hostage taking, recruitment of children soldiers, sexual imprisonment and slavery, and many others crimes the “honorable man” committed. Until he faces a trial court, Prince Johnson stands accused and will never be exonerated otherwise. A guilty conscience needs no accuser and will always flee or fear justice.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
The wheels of justice continue to spin slowly. But it never stops turning. Honorable Prince Johnson and several others who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity will be prosecuted. There is no statute of limitation on prosecution for war crimes. No matter how long it takes, they will be prosecuted and brought to justice. The end is nearing and no matter where they hide, they will be exposed and in due course, arrested!

Not every former fighter will be arrested, in fact, most former fighters will never be touched only those who committed war crimes and deliberately killed many people will be arrested and brought to justice. It is worth noting that Honorable Prince Johnson stands alone in his class of veteran murderers. NO OTHER FORMER FIGHTER IS ATTACHED TO HIM OR WILL JOIN HIM.

No moral equivalence
Prince Y. Johnson has no moral authority or standing to speak about good or bad; right or wrong with war crimes charges hanging over his head for war crimes he mostly committed during times of peace, or ceasefire away from any war theater when he deliberately targeted and killed civilians. Hon Prince Y. Johnson cannot compare his acts and deeds of war crimes deliberately committed against innocent civilians away from the theaters of war to situations of accidents and mistakes or where the enemy deliberately uses civilians as human shields unbeknown to a coalition of international forces clearly on the onslaught of the enemy positions. A subsequent investigation of recent events will determine the extent to which the enemy exposed civilians to danger or that which is most likely that the enemy deliberately bombed the building as they fled international coalition onslaught, leaving civilians exposed in either way to the danger of being bombed in the building or suffer international coalition air strikes.

There is no moral equivalence to the crimes Honorable Prince Johnson has committed, mostly away from the theaters of war and the accidental casualties from the war theaters of Syria, Iraq, for example, to assuage his conscience. It is abundantly evident that the international community adopts extreme measures to preserve civilian lives and properties during times of international conflicts, especially in recent conflicts such that civilian casualties are purely accidental, a mistake and never a criminal scheme intentionally targeting civilians. 

Reminder to the Liberian People – don’t vote for war and economic criminals
Don’t vote for any of them! Don’t vote for anyone who killed your people or steal public money – that is human rights violators and economic criminals.

These people are never in the interest of the Liberian people and do not deserve to be working for Liberian people. They cannot work for the Liberian people and work against them at the same time. Then who are they – opportunists!

Jerome J. Verdier, Sr (Cllr)
Jerome J. Verdier, Sr (Cllr)

Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses
Thanks Jerome for making that distinction.

One is tempted to feign gullibility, and pretend that, probably, had the differentiation been made before, there wouldn’t have been the united resistance by the powers – that – be against suggestions of a war crimes court. For one senses the alliance of necessity among the “suspects”; an alliance reflected in the old English idiom, which says, “They all have to hang together, if they don’t want to hang separately”. But this means that PYJ isn’t the major bulwark to a trial, after all.

Conspiracy theories aside, the blame to let impunity ride may also be laid at the feet of few western capitals where money, lobbyists, officials, and politicians form four firm legs of one sturdy table. It isn’t therefore a stretch that the “corruption” accusations against the Bryant regime, levied by a Mrs. Ellen Sirleaf who would do worse, were part of a plan to make him look unworthy of being entrusted with overseeing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Because one didn’t have to be a Talleyrand, Bismarck, or Kissinger to have foreseen that allowing the 2005 elections in which some of the major actors of a genocidal civil war were candidates would preclude any meaningful public enquiry into heinous crimes that were committed by some of them. Not to mention that the post - investigative accomplishments of the TRC were essentially sabotaged before it was instituted.

Truth be told, EJS, along with the international community which aided her war efforts, on one hand, and most Liberians, on the other, have had diametrically opposed objectives ref the question of war crimes. The people always needed to hold culprits accountable to prevent repetition. But she had promised her financiers the nation’s resources in exchange for logistical, and moral support. Eventually, she and her backers won, the vast majority of Liberians lost.

To end, evidently, our Iron Lady has a lot to answer for. Well, now, her zeal to make Brumskine the next president can be put in a better perspective. Thanks again, Jerome, we are witnessing in Liberia a completely different, perhaps novel, manifestation of the “resource curse”.

Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses at 01:35PM, 2017/04/08.
Who (amongst Liberians) qualifies to cast the first stone.
Efessayf at 10:51AM, 2017/04/11.
Paye Bamakpa
Cllr. Verdier, I am totally disappointed with your lack of knowledge of events that transpired during the Liberian civil crisis. How did you derive your conclusion about Sen. Johnson? Can you compare Sen. Johnson with the perpertrators of The Lutheran Massacre, The Carter Camp Massacre, The Duport Road etc etc. How many persons did Sen. Johnson kill, that qualifies him to be labeled as the most murderous Liberian?

Are you attempting to present a distorted version of history to our gullible consumers? What's your intention, Cllr. Verdier? Cllr. Verdier, you will do yourself a lot favor, if you desist from these kinds of fallacies, and use your huge potential to impact our society positively.
Paye Bamakpa at 04:45AM, 2017/04/13.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Paye Bamakpa, you must be joking to say the least. The difference between Prince Johnson´s killings and those who carried out the massacres(Carter Camp and the Lutheran Church) is that those who carried out the massacres were of course grouped(more than one killer) while Prince Johnson SINGLE HANDEDLY carried out his MASS KILLINGS from street to street, from house to house, from town to town , from village to village.

And this is inter alia why it is fair and very right to point him Prince Johnson out as PRINCE JOHNSON:Liberia’s Most Notorious Murderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1! AND THIS IS ALSO WHY AN INTERNATIONAL ARREST WARRANT AWAITS HIM AND HIM ALONE EVEN IN NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES.

So, Paye, instead of asking the former Chairman of the TRC: "how did he derive his conclusion"?, you should ask yourself as to why it is ONLY Prince Johnson for whom an international arrest warrant awaits outside Liberia?? Once you have asked yourself that question you will have an answer as to "how the former TRC Chairman derive his conclusion" that: PRINCE JOHNSON IS Liberia’s Most Notorious Murderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 04:30AM, 2017/04/18.

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