CDC And Charles Taylor

By Bai M. Gbala, Sr.

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
April 29, 2017



Charles Taylor, Jewel Taylor and George Waeah

Apparently, in his bid for the presidency of Liberia, Senator George Weah surrounds himself with rebels, former child soldiers, graduates of Liberia’s historic civil war and freedom killers as advisors and political aides.

For, who else possess the “guts”, ability and natural inclination to boast publicly and righteously of destruction, mayhem, human suffering and death in profound disregard of the nation’s prevailing, direct result of human condition, and to seek affiliation, association with the convicted felon of political war crimes?

Today’s political leadership of our country, like its successive leadership since 1847, is an apparent mess, rotten from top to bottom, to say the least, and that there is an absolute need for Change – fundamental, comprehensive, democratic!!  Perhaps, just perhaps, Senator George Weah, Liberia’s and Africa’s soccer legend, is in the wrong business – political leadership – for which he seems to possesses no requisite qualifications.

Media Interview
In a radio interview, Mr. Mulba Morlu, CDC Vice Chairman for Operations, declared that “we will never shy away from affiliating or speaking with jailed, former president Charles . . . Taylor . . . because there is nothing criminal in doing that . . . When people are sent to jail they go to be rehabilitated . . . So . . . those that are convicted (and sent to Monrovia’s) south beach don’t receive visitors?  Mr. Taylor is convicted for crimes not against Liberians, but for crimes in Sierra Leone”.

In an earlier statement, Mr. Menikpake Dumoe, CDC Coalition Assistant Secretary for Press & Propaganda, was quoted as saying, “the CDC leader’s (Senator Weah’s) communication with   with Charles Taylor . . . means that the Coalition for Democratic Change is ready to reconcile Liberians, no matter who they are or what they did; we are not going to go after anybody. We do not want war Crime Court to divide us . . . (FPA, March 16, 2017)”.

Implications of Affiliations
Indeed, “there’s nothing criminal”, nor law broken by the telephone conversation between two prominent, Liberian citizens, Mr. Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia and Honorable George Weah,  Montserrado County Senator. This article takes reflective look at the recent facts of Liberian history concerning these honorable gentlemen.  

First, Mr. Charles McArthur Taylor is not just another “Joe Blow” citizen of Liberia, but the convicted felon, serving a 50-year prison term for political war Crimes against Humanity, committed in the sister Republic of sierra Leone, while serving as President of Liberia.

Simultaneously, in Liberia, there were, also, political war crimes against humanity that were committed by the Charles Taylor-led NPFL/INPFL, in which not only an estimated quarter of million Liberians were killed, massive looting, theft of public/private properties and mind-boggling destruction of the nation’s meagre infrastructure, but also, that known perpetrators of these crimes are still running around in Liberia and the world community with characteristic impunity and ordained as “Honorables”.

 Meanwhile, Mr. Charles Taylor is charged for political war crimes against humanity by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC), the “roadmap” enacted by Liberian Law for administration of Transitional Justice in post-conflict Liberia with trial and punishment of the guilty with amnesty given to those such amnesty is due.But the TRC Roadmap had been, and is, now gathering dust in the offices of the ruling “Honorables”.

Moreover, there are hundreds of millions of Liberians displaced in neighboring and distant countries’ refugee camps, with millions more who fled the Taylor-led atrocities and took up naturalized citizenships of foreign countries.

And second, is the Honorable George Weah who is not only Montserrado County Senator, but also, declared candidate for president of Liberia for the third time as Flag Bearer and Party Leader of the Political Party, the CDC, and stood for President two times (2005 & 2011) and lost to Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on each occasion.

Now, in the light of the foregoing facts of Liberian history, the following are inevitable, reasonable conclusions, that:



Sylvester Gbahyahforh Moses

Granted that politics makes strange bedfellows, the perception is that some supporters and detractors of Senator George Weah, to put it mildly, were equally blindsided by the decision, and dismayed at the rationales of CDC spokesmen. Perhaps, there is a strategic calculation in the rough, after all, not yet clear to many civic - minded observers. But until it is seen and assessed, outshining this gem of Brother Bai Gbala will be an uphill climb on a muddy hill.
Sylvester Gbahyahforh Moses at 04:37PM, 2017/04/29.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
UNSOUNDNESS is the only logical explanation for Mr. Bai Gbala's thoughts! For the brush and paint with which he wrongly attempts to use on the CDC are the very brush and paint with which the very party - the Unity Party he Bai Gbala supports vis the ensuing election has painted itself taking Into account Boakai's primäry responsibility to protect the political interest of the Unity Party and its outgoing but permanent de facto standard bearer-Ellen Johnson Sirleaf which is ENSURING that there be no war crimes Court in Liberia; since such a Court is bound to condemn the Unity Psrty's financier Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to LIFE IMPRISONMENT!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 02:53PM, 2017/04/30.
Kou Gontee
Subjectivity or prejudice really blinds people! It beats my imagination that Bai Gbala who worked with and served as the most senior adviser in a past brutal regime in the country, and IS CURRENTLY HIRED AS THE PR MAN for the worst and most brutal political party HEADED by his choice of candidate VP Joseph Boaakai, would come up with such AN OPINION which DOES NOT MEET THE STANDARDS OF LOGIC.
Kou Gontee at 05:48AM, 2017/05/02.
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