President Sirleaf Is Installing Charles Walker Brumskine To Run Liberia (The Congua Money Making Plantation)

By Jerry Wehtee Wion

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
June 20, 2017


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

I hope it is not too late now for crying out loud. I have organized and led protest rallies against Ellen at the United Nations in New York City and in front of the White House in Washington, DC, but Liberians are always "too busy working" to show up. Then they ask you, "how many of you were at the protest?" I then tell them everyone was there except YOU.

But one such protest that was successful was in September 2013 outside the United Nations headquarters in New York City that led to the release from jail of Frontpageafrica publisher and journalist Rodney Sieh and the reopening of his newspaper and this website that provides constantly this kind of information.

WE let Ellen get away with all sorts of crimes and now she is rubbing the salt and pepper in our eyes as she leaves office with the loot.

People will get the kind of leaders that rule over them if they are complacent and refuse to get in involved in political activism. Now we are complaining about Ellen helping her family hotel thrive while other Liberian-owned hotels and other businesses "eat sand." It is the law/nature of self-preservation. I will take care of "me, my family and friends/cronies" and to hell with you Liberians.

Charlie Brumskine with Charlie Taylor

Now to make sure the "Plantation" keeps making money for The Sirleaf Clan after she leaves office, she is doing everything to install her fellow Congua Charles Walker Brumskine to keep running their money making Plantation. 

And if you tell our people to vote for Joe Boakai then you are branded a "tribalist." Ironically, they don’t criticize the Congua who are encouraging top native politicians to leave Boakai for Congua Brumskine and Alex Cummings and Mills Jones and Bennoi Urey. What kind of logic us that?

Thus, I am unapologetic in shaping the debate in this election to Natives versus Congua. You can vote for Ellen's choice Brumskine but we the majority tribal people will support and vote for Joseph Boakai. Then we will begin to undo the damage that Ellen has done to Liberia by sponsoring the war and reaping the spoils of war.

Keep whining all you want but we are busy laying the foundation of a Peoples Revolution that begins on October 10, 2017. In life, you either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. We are going to make history in this election. Enough of the crying from the abuses by the Congua against our people for 170 years.

About The Author: Jerry Wehtee Wion, Journalist and Political Commentator, Washington, DC, USA.


2017, So What, Now What…?

Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails,
where any one class is made to feel that society is in an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.

Never underestimate the power of a hungry person.


There is no issue in Liberia [Africa] that is not a tentacle, is not an offshoot of the primary issue that plagues Liberia [Africa], which is poverty. In Liberia there is a highway into poverty, but not even a sidewalk out. And what’s wrong with this conversation about personal responsibility is that we disconnect it from a lack of opportunity. We disconnect it from a lack of employment. We disconnect it from affordable education. And so poverty ends up being the primary source of so many of these problems which expose highly complex Liberian issues. TODAY, it goes beyond the issue regarding any one person’s ethnicity. It is simply the crux of the Liberian problem. Worst of all, Ebola has further added to the death of our nation. Now it is said, perhaps most recently, it was ‘meningitis’.

Any wonder why Liberia again reached a boiling point during the October 2011 elections? This is only 6 years ago! Clearly, the “Average Liberian” citizen is disillusioned. The Liberian people are angry about unemployment, growing inequality, and crushing poverty. They are even very angry that their civil liberties are being abused as they chose to exercise their God-given constitutional rights under a ‘new’ political dispensation. They are also angry about increasing police, and most recently, military violence, killings and abuse. What is more, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reported that there exists “extreme poverty” in the country, which threatens more than 50,000 households that would become “food insecure”. In other words, adults and children of many Liberian households go hungry daily without knowing where their next meal will come from. Nobel Laureate, Madam Leymah Gbowee, even called attention to the high rate of teenage prostitution stating: “You cannot sit here and boast of Africa’s first female president, and double Nobel Laureate and the statistics from your country is that teenage pregnancy is as low as 10 years old”. RAPE is destroying the Liberian youth, young girls and also young boys, who whether we like it or not, are our future! What does the future hold if they have no education? The picture on other human development indices remains wanting as well. There is a rise in the HIV/AIDS pandemic, cholera, and diarrhea, as the country has no efficient health services, decent sanitation and safe drinking water. These facts were made official only 6 years ago! Ebola was the invisible attacker and killer, 2014-2015. Could there be an on-going mutation between the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the Ebola virus disease [EVD] that no one is yet talking about? Does anyone realize that this could wipe out the entire nation? Was the loss of +250,000 Liberian souls during the Civil War not enough?

Into 2015, nepotism is defined as: the government officials are all relatives, or relatives of relatives. The old spoils system is at its worst; graft is rampant. It is true that government is for helping people, and we should make this change a priority of a NEW BREED OF NEW LIBERIANS with a new attitude, who will safely direct and steer our country into the future.

There is no argument that there continues to exist gross disparities between the haves and the have-nots. But since 1980, Liberians have had opportunities to deliver to their people what was denied them for many years. But in Liberia, people are drugged into a stupor by idiocy, minor distractions and chants of human rights abuses, demonstrations/protests, and STILL remain compliant and complacent. We now await to see the actions of all and any Liberian who voted these greedy and indifferent people into power. We have all listened to and read past and current news events, and commentaries by Liberians at large.

NEW IDEAS ARE THE NATURAL BORN ENEMY OF THE WAY THINGS ARE! We MUST break out of our tired old patterns. Why do we continue to compromise and sell our ideals to satisfy the special interests of others? We continue to literally sell EVERYTHING, from our birth rights to our passports, our land, and our God-given natural resources. When will we take ownership of our destiny? How can we possibly gain global respect and dignity if we continue like this? What is the matter with ALL OF US? We are all flawed in our ways, and no one’s perfect. BUT, WHY ARE WE SO SELF-DESTRUCTIVE? WE NEED ANSWERS!

We are aware of a growing divisiveness within the country. If we lay aside our differences, and devote time to the healing of the country’s ills, Liberians can begin to work together to realize the nation’s full potential. WE want a Liberian model.
Corruption is so engrained into the system of our Liberian culture, it appears difficult to eradicate. It is also a part of the modus operandi [MO] of our government officials. We complain; court cases are established, but in reality we are desensitized to this reality. The entire world reads about ‘brown envelopes’ received by the legislature, or anyone necessary, to sway and buy a unilateral decision and/or agenda.

WE THE PEOPLE condemn ‘the old hegemony’, yet we consciously recycle ‘the old hegemony’. Let us take a look at the present Legislature, for example. Who are the majority occupants/nominations, especially in senior positions? Look at the present Cabinet, and let's check and count how many and who they are. Can we honestly say these politicians are working in the interest of the common people who are the majority of the population? What then is the justification in restricting the search for a good leader to only a particular group? After 170 years, the VICES, tastes, lifestyles that were openly condemned before and since the Rice Riots in 1979 are now ACCEPTABLE AND RIGHT! GOD IS WATCHING!

So it is going to take a long time and a NEW BREED OF NEW LIBERIANS to cleanse us from the sins of the THE PAST AND PRESENT which have now become a national tragedy. Where is our LOVE OF COUNTRY FOR OUR OWN COUNTRY, AND OUR OWN PEOPLE?

It is doubtful if one could find one policeman in Liberia who would not take a "dash" [tip]. Questions: How much does he/she earn? What about our teachers, doctors and healthcare workers? What is their monthly income? Is everyone paid on time monthly?
Judges, prosecutors, magistrates, policemen, customs people ALL have their hands out, reaching for the graft. It is safe to assume that anything can be accomplished in Liberia if you are willing to bribe the right government official. They seem to take no pride in being honest. So-called investors confidently state: ‘We have your whole government in our pockets’.
FOREIGNERS CONTINUE TO OPENLY MAKE A MOCKERY OF US, knowing that what they do in Liberia, they are unable to do in their own country, or elsewhere! AND WHO IS TO BLAME?

Oh, perhaps when we acquire a new nationality we have a love of country for the 1st time for that new country?
So, does this further reconfirm that we continue to live and suffer from an identity crisis? We have got this ALL TWISTED!

Due to over a century and a half of socio-economic problems, Liberians are embittered, sardonic people with a total lack of patriotism and national identity. Most issues are over personal stuff like greed, envy, self-centeredness and selfishness, petty jealousies, undermining and backbiting, not wanting to see others succeed unless we have a personal stake in it. We despise each other and always expect that others will not be trustworthy. Once it’s not us or our family member involved where there is a personal interest, then everything is wrong. We will never see the good in what others do. And when we get there, those on the outside turn around and do the exact same thing to us that we did to others when we were on the outside. It’s a dangerously vicious cycle. Liberians have all observed Liberian politics and governance for a long while and since 1980 this trend really began to manifest itself and it’s tied to what Martin Luther King calls ‘utilitarian love’: myself (family) and my group come before my country. How sad!
So many Liberians have had the US experience. Doesn’t this behavior resemble the ‘crab mentality’ among the minority group that many tend to identify with? And as Africans, we choose to export this back to Liberia?! Do we, can we think before WE ‘Copy What Is Wrong’? Why not copy whatever would be to our advantage, rather than copy what inevitably destroys our entire fabric/society?


Can we also begin to pave the way home for all who are homesick, and the elderly? Can those who wish to return home contribute positively without being chased away because their NEW IDEAS are the natural born enemy of the way things are?!

WE must translate our vision into sustained action and concrete achievements. WE can respectfully merge all of our skills, our expertise, and contribute our educational resources to carefully plan to rebuild our nation and regain our status within the community of nations. Interestingly, WE proudly boast and credit our +3million Liberian people as having the best West African cuisine because WE have allowed the fusion and merging of cuisine cultures, whether WE are baking or cooking. WE could therefore maximize this pride even further by forging a fusion of cultures and “new ideas” to create a unique Liberia, now.

Perhaps a Liberian might turn these statements into a personal attack on another Liberian. This is a reflection based on long-term observation and evidence. The above comments mention no names, no affiliations, no politics, nothing about the opposition. These are opinions of a society’s perception, behavior, and mindset which have no political affiliation meaning it impacts all sides equally, EVERY SINGLE LIBERIAN, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, WHEREVER WE ARE.

Will we simply continue to shift the blame and call it neo-colonialism, or the New World Order [NWO]? Or, amidst the growing neoliberal offensive, can WE identify a practical, common sense alternative(s) to transform our people’s conditions and now begin to rebuild OUR country and make a possible dream a reality? In the end, WE ALL OWE A DEBT TO LIBERIA.

A CONCERNED CITIZEN at 11:17AM, 2017/06/20.
Sylvester Gbayaforh Moses
Few of us have been going hoarse since EJS installed LP Chairman and corruption convict Fonati Koffa as Czar for her overnight Corruption Presidential Task Force. That was when she succeeded in seducing others with the siren song of a GW Report while billions of US dollars from resources, revenues, grants, loans, and so on have been stolen or wasted in the country. The Machiavellian manipulator and intimidator was at her best in feigning to be the vampire slayer.

Hence, reducing a potential civil war issue to identity politics, such as Country – Congua ethnic divide, seems to suck the air from an urgent resonating take. Of course, the perception is that EJS, who pursued war twice to fulfill a childhood dream of being “great” via the presidency, wouldn’t think twice to provoke a third one by influencing Korkoya to cheat for Brumskine in order to protect herself, family, and friends from probable investigations and disgrace. That shouldn’t surprise since she did the same to Interim President Bryant, and few members of his government.

But how is she accomplishing this feat?

First, she took a page from the Republican Party – controlled State Assemblies in the US by introducing an ID system which didn’t exist in 2005 and 2011 when she was elected president. Second, she and the NEC are using it as proof of citizenship for voter registration. So like in the Deep South here, the strategy is to disenfranchise many of the vast majority poor illiterate voters born in rural Liberia without birth certificates, baptismal certificates, school records, driving license, and so on.

In short, undocumented Liberians - hundreds of thousands of them won’t vote - and you do the calculation which of the presidential candidates would benefit from this blatant denial of a fundamental right to political inclusion and participation. No wonder, then, that Korkoya’s colleague, NEC Commissioner Jonathan Weedor has just issued a position statement published on this platform which decries “Chairman Korkoya’s Scam that will Lead to Rigged 2017 Elections in Liberia”.

For some folk however that’s not important, their sympathy lie with the embattled Korkoya whose dual citizenship problem they share. Yet we Liberians love to echo the perennial question, why is the country stuck in backwardness after almost 170 years of independence? Indeed, the unavoidable answer from all of us; Country and Congua, is that as long as we‘re okay - to hell with everybody else!
Sylvester Gbayaforh Moses at 05:57PM, 2017/06/20.

Mr. Moses, we are on the same page. Will others react before the eleventh hour? Such people are powerful in confrontation, and weak in resolution. We are so committed to that which is synthetic, rather than engage in that which is organic! Great nations do not hide its history; it faces its flaws. This is unprecedented; we are: (i) practicing identity politics; (ii) subjected to economic frustrations; (iii) turbo capitalism; and (iv) monopolies of monopolies.
The Legislature ought to establish laws to positively impact the lives of everyone.
We have collectively birthed this Nation. Everyone has a family member who helped contribute to Liberia; we have been the backbone of the African continent, the world [OAU and U.N.] We are not monolithic. We are multi-dimensional. We must NOW begin to TEACH LOVE OF COUNTRY and EMBRACE the things that make us unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable. Let’s not reduce ourselves any further… THIS IS IT!
A CONCERNED CITIZEN at 07:09PM, 2017/06/20.
Martin K Scott
Hey Jerry KKK Wion-----What makes Brumskine, Alex Cummings, Mills Jones, and Bennoi Urey "Congua"??? The color of their skin??? Their western sounding names? I'm dying to hear your definition of "Congua"?!!!
Martin K Scott at 09:29PM, 2017/06/20.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Jerry, "Ellen doing everything to install her fellow Congua Charles Walker Brumskine to keep running their money making Plantation," and "you telling our people to vote for Joe Boakai" are absolutely and simply the same --- CAMPAIGNING FOR TWO RIVAL ELITES (Boakai camp vs Ellen camp) respectively as opposed to advocating for the people-the masses!

And this is why the charge against you and Bai Gbala been "branded as tribalists" is absolutely legitimate!

Liberians will never allow Boakai to ascend to power on the basis of him hailing from whichever so called indigenous tribe, when giving power to anyone on such basis is unconstitutional, senseless, undemocratic, and APOLITICAL!

You people should try to "grow-up" and emulate from the revolution now going on in France where Emmanuel Macron resigned from the then government and in less than sixteen months won the French presidential election, and now with parliamentary majority with a mandate to launch sweeping economic reforms! IF BOAKAI WERE ANY DIFFERENT FROM ELLEN OR BRUMSKINE OR FITTED FOR POLITICAL LEADERSHIP HE WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 02:11AM, 2017/06/21.
James Jaganbah

Mr. Wion’s dictum is part and parcel of the kind of language that characterized the political conversations and interactions among our people during the Samuel Doe era.

Tribalism was toxic during the rule of the military junta. And what was so sad about this was that the entire goal of which the PRC came to power was bastardized in furtherance of a tribal hegemony. What have tribal politics done for our people?

• It Pitted Krahns against Gios which resulted in a genocidal warfare and devastated the country,

• It brought a prolonged and intractable civil war and the paralysis of which the country is still not able to recover from, and

• It engrained within the national psyche especially among the youths that were coming of age and witnessed the unfortunate chapter, that a good way to achieve success in Liberia was to topple the government and have one tribe dictate the national agenda and enrich itself. Therein lays our national sickness!

The tribal politicians have mastered the art of shifting the blame of their improprieties; high state treason and massive corruption on a small demography known as “The Congau People”. This group which comprises less than 5% of the entire population of over 4,000,000 people has only a token representation in parliament. How then are the Congaus responsible for all the contemporaneous issues of our society?
James Jaganbah at 07:54AM, 2017/06/21.
Martin K Scott
Well said, Mr. Jaganbah. I agree with you 100 percent! But we all know that Jerry KKK Wion is demagogue, a tribal bigot.

Martin K Scott at 09:16AM, 2017/06/21.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
BUT this does not mean “The Congau People”- "This group which comprises less than 5% of the entire population of over 4,000,000 people which has only a token representation in parliament" ARE ANY BETTER THAN THEIR "COUNTRY BRETHEREN" THE SO CALLED "COUNTRY PEOPLE" IN TERMS OF NATIONAL POLITICAL LEADERSHIP.

It is their very selfish very wicked and very bad governance from 1847 to 1980 on the part of this so called group called Congau people which seems to NATURALLY LEGITIMIZE the spirit of the messages from the likes of Bai Gbala, Jerry Wion, and other members of the Liberian intelligentsia!

Substantiating this is the very undemocratic and very silly and disgustingly strange apolitical mind-set of politicians of “The Congau People”- "This group which comprises less than 5% of the entire population", WRONGLY BELIEVING THAT THEY HAVE A DIVINE RIGHT TO THE LIBERIAN PRESIDENCY AND SO SHOULD NEVER SERVE AS VICE PRESIDENT TO THEIR SO CALLED "COUNTRY" BRETHEREN EVEN WHERE IT IS CLEAR SUCH THINKING ON THEIR (CONGAU) PART IS POLITICALLY STUPID!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 02:54AM, 2017/06/22.
Jerry Wehtee Wion
I will have my say to these Congua and their Born-Again and Baptized native lackeys fighting for the bones from their master Congua tables. The miseducation of some natives is manisfested in some of these atyacks against me, but I am not moved. I am on a mission and I have already put at centerstage the issue of Natives versus Congua, and we natives are winning.

When a Senator Charles Brumskine referred to a native Senator Bedel Fahn as a "country fool" and he walks away but to attck me or Joe Boakai is the ultimate hypocracy in our country. Bring it on...
Jerry Wehtee Wion at 06:23AM, 2017/06/22.

Let’s call a spade, a spade. Let’s do a U-turn and refresh from our starting point. Every country has its history, we are no exception. Many are still alive to share the truth, and unfortunately the current/younger generation knows little, and they now gravitate to these ‘wannabes’, and/or “Congua and their Born-Again and Baptized native lackeys”.

In the beginning, there was only the Republican Party, an educated group of people, i.e. the “status quo” in Monrovia, the seat of government, the political capital. Why were the rest of these families sent to settle ‘up the river’? Simply because ‘where they had come from they were skilled in tilling the soil’, and Liberia is rich in fertile land and rivers [their people had worked on plantations; they already knew themselves!]. The Monrovia ‘Rock girl or boy’ would proudly say: “I’m from the City of Monrovia, and NOT from parts adjacent”. A class system among themselves was quickly established, which by the way, exists in every nation. At that time, there were no Congo people! ‘Mer-gain’ was the word. Who remembers this?

What makes Liberia so different from other African countries is its social stratification since the 1800s. This encompasses five [5] groups of people, all of African origins: 1) Indigenous Africans, 2) the Freed Slaves from America or ‘Mer-gain people’, 3) West Indian Africans, 4) Congo People, 5) Coastal African-Liberians. Later, the word ‘Congo’ which was used to refer to the people who came from the then Belgian Congo, became a synonym describing any ‘stranger/foreigner’, e.g. Congotown does not exist by accident; it is where they settled; which at the time was far from Monrovia [there were no roads].

Then, it was the 5th President Edward J. Roye [1870-1871] who established the True Whig Party [1869-1980]. Its membership encompassed the ‘up the river people, and beyond’, i.e. “Congua and their Born-Again and Baptized native lackeys”. That said, throughout the past eleven [11] years, appointments within the government and beyond come from the lowest level of the ‘Mer-gain’ pyramid, i.e. “Congua and their Born-Again and Baptized native lackeys” and it’s taken generations for them to reach this point, eg. Benoni Urey from Careysburg who was an unknown entity until he headed our Bureau of Maritime Affairs, etc. during our civil war. Today, this man is referred to as a business tycoon. Who is he fooling or impressing with his overnight hijacked wealth? What did he or the Urey family have before the civil war to boast about [any contributions to Liberia?], and now he feels he should be a presidential candidate?

With the passage of time, however, while modest progress was made, the rest is our history.
This is our landscape, and fast-forward, the Republic of Liberia is where it is.

A CONCERNED CITIZEN at 09:43AM, 2017/06/22.
James Jaganbah

To: A Concerned Citizen:

You have nailed it right on the head when you state that what Liberia needs is a new core of citizens who will be willing to work hard and in a spirit of unity and ethnic harmony, to change the direction of the country.

We are wasting our valuable time and energy by promoting negative public discourses and spewing ethnic venom at each other by thinking that it will reap some positive benefits for one group and rob the other group of its dignity, respect and a sense of national belongingness.

Knowledgeable as you are, I am sure that you are quite aware that Mr. Urey’s example is just a tip of the iceberg. And that from the founding of our nation, solipsistic greed among our leaders has left an imposing emblem called “corruption” on its national gate. Even though the gate exists in abstraction but it is real and as soon as a visitor walks through it, he or she is likely to discover why Liberia has aged and her problems have quadrupled in such multidimensional complexities.

It is an inescapable fact that superimposed on the rich cultural heritage of Liberia is diversity; and that diversity will forever include the “Congau people in as much as it will forever include the Natives”.

Not one ethnic group is shielded from the scorch of corruption. So, I asked what do we stand to gain from the name calling. Every Liberian with good intention often asks, “What will it take to change our society?” It has always been the same old drama from one administration to another. Like the saying goes, “We ain’t seen anything yet.” We must tighten your seat belt for the unexpected!
James Jaganbah at 02:43PM, 2017/06/22.
Martin K Scott
Hey Jerry KKK Wion, you write that you're "...unapologetic in shaping the debate in this election to Natives versus Congua" BUT why are you afraid of engaging in the "country vs congua" debate with anyone here? I ask you what makes a Liberian citizen "country or congua"? Also, Mr. James Jaganbah asked "How then are the "Congaus" responsible for all the contemporaneous issues of our society? Instead of responding to the questions, you beat around the bush and name call. Let's quit the name calling and debate the issue! Are you ready, KKK Wion? I'm dying to hear your response to the 2 questions raised by Mr. Jaganbah and myself.!
Martin K Scott at 09:21PM, 2017/06/22.
James Jaganbah

To: Mr. Martin Scott

Mr. Jerry Wehtee Wion calls himself a journalist and political commentator. I wonder of which news organization? I say this because we have not read the proper perspective and dimension that should be given to the Congau people-Native people paradigm. All we read is a delivery of diatribes and social opprobrium brought on one particular group (the Congau people) simply because he ethnically abhors them. This is sickening and sad!

Why? Journalists are high brow individuals who are known for according issues with objectivity and the utmost scrutiny. Avoiding sensationalism, exhausting every angle of the story and casting all biasness aside to ferret the truth so as not to grossly mislead the reading public is one of their greatest hallmarks.

A good journalist is well informed, and can impart quality knowledge at a rate and depth to any individual in a manner that he/she might never have had through intramural education. Notwithstanding, Mr. Wion’s greatest gospel has always being geared on the Congau People, and his perceived socio-political and socio-economic subjugation of the Natives.

In Mr. Wion’s journalistic realm, object permanence is an absolute reality. Events and time lines do not matter. The earth pivots around him and just how he sees it, is final. In other words the Congau people are the cause of all the evils that afflicts Liberia. That is the way it has been since its beginning and even so now. Was the vicious tribal killings and ritualistic cannibalism that lasted through the 14-year war, committed by the Congau People? Was the April 12, 1980 coup d’état that usher in traumatic cultural shifts within our society and at the end brought the country to its knees caused by the Congau people?

A growing, convergent opinion among intellectuals both in Liberia and in the global world that Liberian natives who are by far in the majority within the law making apparatus and hovers a lot of clout over the natural resources, have been engaging in recent years in an atmosphere of gross financial mismanagement and thus leading the country into a state of economic stagnation and political paralysis. This factcannot be fathomed by Mr. Wion’s journalistic lens since his lens is “Congau-focused”.

Notwithstanding he needs to wake up from his deep, pre-meditated myopia! Time has changed. Our native brothers and sisters have become the major players in determining the country’s destiny ; and in the same token many have become prime contributors in impeding many good intended actions and progress.
James Jaganbah at 05:49PM, 2017/06/25.
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