Open Letter To Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai

By Martin K. N. Kollie
Contributing Writer

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
July 4, 2017



Vice President Boakai

His Excellency Joseph Nyumah Boakai
Vice President and President of Liberian Senate
Republic of Liberia

Ref: When Liberians Become Foreigners in Liberia: Where is your voice and why aren’t you standing up?

Dear Vice President Boakai:  

In search of a flourishing democratic space with new hope which propels our nation towards an irreversible dais of equality, justice, economic freedom, national unity and peace, I profoundly bring you thoughtful compliments ahead of Liberia’s 170th Independence Day celebration.

With just 21 more days for Liberians in country and abroad to memorialize yet another Independence Day, I thought to cautiously evoke your conscience as a prominent statesman whose voice and action could change a lot in Liberia. With confidence and optimism, I hope you embrace this communiqué in good faith.

Recognizing the constituted authority reposed in you by our nation and your political party, I am forwarding this letter to you in three (3) distinct capacities or portfolios, namely as a:

  1. Vice President of the Republic of Liberia
  2. President of the Liberian Senate, R.L.
  3. Standard Bearer of the Unity Party

With these powers vested in you and the huge following you have as one of the forerunners in Liberia’s upcoming October 10, 2017 election, I am particularly concerned about and puzzled by your continuous silence on a number of national issues/challenges confronting our country and what we can do together to remedy or mitigate some of these prevailing complexities.

Permit me to courteously use you as a point of reference to call on all Political Leaders and/or Standard Bearers of licensed political parties to also stand up in defense of Liberia and Liberians. With just 98 days to election and 6 months to a new government, every political party is a ‘government in waiting’.

This is why I am earnestly evoking your conscience and the conscience of every political leader or aspirant to rise up and speak out in the best interest of Liberia. It doesn’t matter who your thoughts and words hurt, but what matters is Liberia’s ultimate interest. This is what you and all those vying for public office(s) must pursue and protect. 

Vice President Boakai, my issues are enveloped below:

1.Currently, there is a huge rush by pseudo-patriots and economic scavengers to squeeze THE LAST out of Liberia through whatever means. They are beginning to engineer dozens of bogus concessions and shady deals at the disadvantage of the Liberian people and at the detriment of even the next government. I describe the remaining 6 months of this government as a ‘RUSH HOUR’ of interest-struggle meant to make a few, especially higher-ups, multi-millionaires overnight. Just to mention few of these shady deals or rush-hour agreements off late:

a) The whopping 30-years Tax Holiday to Lebanese-owned Farmington Hotel

b) The US$59.5 million Pre-Financing Loan Agreement in favor of a bogus Chinese-owned Company, East International Group Incorporated.

c) The US$29.3 million Liberia Energy Efficiency and Access Project (LEEAP) Loan Agreement

d) The US$10 million Loan Agreement for Poor and Insecure Households (Social Safety Nets Projects Agreement)

e) The US$200 million Steel Manufacturing Agreement, etc.

We are wondering why all these multi-million loan agreements are being signed and submitted for ratification at this time (6 more months to go). Why all this rush? Where is the interest of Liberia and Liberians in all of these? Why aren’t you standing up and speaking out, Honorable VP et all Political Leaders? In most countries, major agreements and concessions are not signed and ratified in 6 months by an out-going government. 

Are you aware that most of these decisions now could adversely impact the performance of the next government? It is an incontestable fact that whoever becomes President in October this year will have to pay these huge debts plus many other liabilities incurred by this government. The Legislature, especially the Senate under your leadership, must reject these untimely and bogus agreements. 

It will interest you to know that a total of 32 loans amounting to US$802 million were sourced from both external and domestic creditors as of December 2015 (US$792 from external creditors and US$10 million from domestic creditors). Though a small portion of this amount has been paid, but the debt burden of Liberia is now moving towards a billion dollar under this government alone. In fact, what has been the impact of this debt and who pays for this? The PEOPLE are yet to feel the impact of all these loans after almost 12 years. Honorable VP, where is your voice and why aren’t you standing up?

2. After 170 years, we are yet to answer the question “How can we as Liberians takeover our economy from foreigners?” Is it that we have run out of answers? I certainly don’t think so. Today, foreign-owned hotels, restaurants, enterprises, construction companies and businesses in general are being unthinkably prioritized and even given unreasonable leverages, which contravenes the 1975 Liberianization Policy and the PPCC Act of 2010.

It is a pity that Liberian-owned businesses and enterprises are being sidelined and ostracized by those in authority. How do we intend to fight poverty and promote the domestication of our economy? Are Liberian companies and engineers only good enough to be subcontracted? Are Liberians only good enough to be store boys and casual laborers? This narrative has to change and change now. It is a glaring reality that Liberians have become foreigners in their own country. Surely, we must change this sad and appalling narrative.

It is time to put LIBERIA FIRST by standing up and speaking out. Silence can never be an option. At the end of the day, Liberians will be the ones to vote in October, and not Lebanese, Indians, Malaysians, etc. The PEOPLE are watching and those who have the guts to stand up now and protect them will reap the rewards at the polls. Beyond this end, let patriotism lead as we together seek to cultivate a NEW LIBERIA of socio-economic parity.

Democratically yours,


Martin K. N. Kollie
Youth & Student Activist

Cc: All Political Leaders & Standard Bearers
      All Independent Presidential and Legislative Aspirants  

About The Author: Martin K. N. Kollie is a Liberian youth and student activist, a columnist and an emerging economist who hails from Bong County.  He currently studies Economics at the University of Liberia and is a Lux-in-Tenebris Scholar. Martin is a loyal stalwart of the Student Unification Party (SUP).  He can be reached at::

Kandajaba Downing Zoedjallah
If Joseph Boakai is so silent on an issue as Morais Waylee impregnating his Waylee's 13 year old niece while looking into the face of Waylee everyday, what else do you exoect from Boakai? Boakai is simply a transmission belt for the Unity Party cabal and the Libetian elite plus foreign companies.
Kandajaba Downing Zoedjallah at 10:33PM, 2017/07/04.
Andrew Worth
Waylee has endorsed Boakai, so no doubt he sees Boakai's election as his best shot to avoid conviction - as do 50 other crooks in the house.
Andrew Worth at 02:25AM, 2017/07/05.
Andrew Worth
"as do 50 other crooks in the house." should be "as do 50 other members of both houses."
Andrew Worth at 02:38AM, 2017/07/05.
“Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” By Ronald Reagan

Put in Liberian terms:
Are you better off now than you were before your Senator or Representative took office?
Efessayf at 10:36AM, 2017/07/05.
Sylvester Gbahyahforh Moses
Mr. Martin T. Kollie, if veteran corporate lawyer Charles Brumskine of LP, ostensibly with no political ties to EJS, isn’t questioning those eleventh hour suspicious financial transactions, or the arrogant unethical unaccountable governance, it seems unfair to expect that of a vice president who owes a duty of loyalty to our Imperial Presidency. Additionally, the Liberian people elected Ellen twice, and not Boakai, therefore, it will be presumptuous of him to publicly question her decisions and actions. Like Americans would say: the buck stops at her desk.

Perhaps, we’re forgetting that in the most courteous manner imaginable, then UP Chairman Counselor Varney Sherman as a July 26 public orator four years ago used that platform to advise her about the disappointment of most of the populace with the economic situation, etc. And for his trouble she turned foul – mouthed Information Minister Lewis Brown loose on him, and crowned her revenge with a so – called Global Witness Report, which details reportedly were forwarded from an undetermined source in Liberia.

Moreover, we are talking about a habitual warmonger who upon reading in the National Chronicle that some alleged plans were afoot to replace her with an interim government went berserk by sending over - utilized Police ERU units to invade the building housing the newspaper. As for Joseph Boaki, she didn’t even invite him to discuss the matter; instead ordered the police director to interrogate her own vice president at home. Most importantly, not to mention that had Boakai said anything negative, we would have condemned him for blatant hypocrisy.

So, Mr. Kollie, thank you once again for a very frank and relevant take. Remember though EJS is not above the law, and can be held accountable for any crimes proven - beyond all reasonable doubt - to have been committed against the interest and welfare of the commonweal.

Anyway, first thing first, prevent her from using Chairman Korkoya to select a successor because electing one rests in the hands of the electorates. One way of achieving that outcome should be by requesting the voter rolls in order to ensure that eligible undocumented citizens weren’t denied ID cards through her new Identification System, thus disqualifying them from registering to exercise their constitutional rights to vote. Second, vigilantly monitor the election so that the “true will” of voters will prevail in the elections.

For national unity and peace, those are more important to many of us than pursuing an old pitiful lady who from all indications was swept away by delusions of power, grandeur, and greatness she had nursed since childhood. One can’t help but ask: Do the billions of dollars from our joint resources and revenues worth all the past instigating of mass murder and genocide? What a bloody shame!
Sylvester Gbahyahforh Moses at 02:26PM, 2017/07/05.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
So Boakai's duty of loyalty DOES NOT extend to him tacitly badmouthing his imperial presidency on how she has preferred another presidential candidate Charles Brunskine and party(Liberty Party) to him Boakai and their own Unity Party!

But when it comes to accountability viz state funds, critics and whistleblowers slaughtered, Morais Waylee impregnating his Waylee'd own 12 years old niece, his Boakai's loyalty to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf prevents him from been a decent human being?

Noble S.Gbahyahforh, ler call a spade a spade. Boakai is simply a selfish man and a weakling unfit for political leadership. If God förbud Boakai were to tragicly become President he would simply be a transmission helt for Abi Joudi etc., this corrupt Unity Party cabal and a defender for the likes of Robert Sirleaf and Morais Waylee
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 04:15PM, 2017/07/05.
Theodore T. Hodge
It is mind boggling when character assassination is considered legitimate and respectable political discourse. Remember, today it's the VP's head; tomorrow it may very well be yours. Be careful how you drag a good man through the mud for simple political expediency. When your time comes, pray you have someone to stand up and defend your honor; that is, if you care deeply at all about such matters. Remember, what goes around comes around.
Theodore T. Hodge at 07:16PM, 2017/07/05.
Kandajaba Downing Zoedjallah
"A good man" never ever sacrifices doing the right thing nor abandons doing the right thing or remaining principled because of his selfish interests!

For such immoral or unprincipled conducts are the marks of opportunists and hipocrites!

Albert Porte, Moses of The Holy Bible, Socratez, and many others could have chosen their selfish desires to doing the right thing, but they preferred to do the right thing and even die!

Whether political correctness or otherwise, when the future books are written of this dispensation, Boakai shall be seen as an accessory and a principal of all these criminal conduc of the likes of Mirais Waylee, "the suppirting casts", Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, these kangaroo courts, and Amos Sawyer and his Bad Governance Commission!

A nan goes to church on sunday and then on Monday dances with a man who impregnates his 12 years old niece, and on Tuesday congratulates his colleague who skaughters whistleblowers and critics of government; and then you describe him as "a good man"? No! He is an unprincipled and very bad man!
Kandajaba Downing Zoedjallah at 11:53PM, 2017/07/05.
Sylvester Gbahyahforh Moses
Noble Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah,

The reason I cherish these exchanges on the issues facing our seemingly star – crossed country is that in my book you are not only a patriot, but unquestionably passion and convictions run through your positions. That don’t make them always right (who’s “always right", anyway?) nonetheless those are qualities in impactful men and women throughout recorded history. It is for this reason on the question of what Vice President Joseph Baokai could have, should have, would have, we should dispense with the hyperboles and look at the circumstances like two professionals: put ourselves in his shoes.

Take, for instance, the examples you have cited as evidence of his silence; slaughtered whistleblowers, Robert Sirleaf, the pending sexual battery investigation of Hon. Morais Waylee, etc. Remember, friend, as repugnant as the case against the Grand Gedeh lawmaker is, from where Boakai sits it is an allegation until proven in court, so any statement by him will be imprudent and prejudicial. As for the others, there has never been a precedent, even in the great constitutional republic and democracy bastion called the US, for what you require of the VP: Engage in a tug of war with the president.

Not to mention that we are talking about Africa where democracy is still evolving - intentionally - by snail pace. And, lest I forget, the Vice President of Sierra Leone was reportedly disgraced, ousted, and replaced for allegedly putting himself in quarantine after one of his drivers was infected during the Ebola crisis. He appealed the unconstitutionality of his ouster to the ECOWAS Court, and it would seem nothing can come from there to undo his fate.

Of course, it is obvious, Brother Zoedjallah, that you honestly believe UP doesn’t deserve a third term because of the twelve years of financial waste, runaway corruption, pervasive poverty, lack of development, and so on. On the other hand, there are many who argue that EJS was running the show, and had even cut ties with the party as soon as she was reelected in 2011. Those expressing that view contend Joseph Boakai should have a chance, and should be judged by his own performance. The way thousands of us see it, let the Liberian people whom the constitution makes arbiters decide by their votes in October this year.

And since regardless of which party wins the next administration ought to be a government of national unity in order to bridge the various divides in a country of less than five millions, I won’t be surprised to hear that you are in one of our diplomatic posts abroad. Brother Zoedjallah, politics besides, Liberia will need all her honest best and brightest in the next decade or she would literally cease to be a viable nation state. This is no gloom and doom prediction; it is an informed wake - up call to all our people wherever the may be, my friend.

Sylvester Gbahyahforh Moses at 07:21AM, 2017/07/06.
Theodore T. Hodge

Some people need to be held by the hand and spoon-fed these fundamental things some of us take for granted. They just prefer to stand in the marketplace and hollow; they call it politics. Tell him again, and good luck!
Theodore T. Hodge at 08:52AM, 2017/07/06.
Theodore T. Hodge

"Holler" instead of "hollow" above.
Theodore T. Hodge at 09:21AM, 2017/07/06.
Theodore T. Hodge

Strange kind of democracy we demand in Liberia. It goes like this: "The VP is leader of the Senate. Therefore, he has a responsibility to individually condemn and even punish any member of that body, including members of the House of Representatives, a separate body of legislators..." And if he fails to condemn and prosecute, or persecute individual actors, then the public has a right to condemn him by disqualifying him to participate in a national political contest.

By so doing, one individual citizen, whether he is familiar with the "facts" of the case or not, may duly appoint himself "accuser, prosecutor and executioner", in the name of the people. Strange and barbaric, if you ask me, but so the advocates say.
Theodore T. Hodge at 11:00AM, 2017/07/06.
Andrew Worth
THEODORE T. HODGE, you sound like you're a Boakai supporter. Here's one of the concerns I have with Boakai as a Presidential contender: He seems to be a really nice guy who is rarely critical of anyone or thinks he should act to correct people acting badly. That approach would be OK in a country that works well in which most people with power stay within the rules, in Liberia there are a lot of people with power who break the rules and need to be investigated and, if in the wrong, reprimanded. Boakai doesn't appear interested or capable of doing it, so my fear is that under a President Boakai it'll be a free-for-all for those inclined to corruption.

Perhaps his popularity with those in power is because they see his character as I do.
Andrew Worth at 02:19PM, 2017/07/06.
Andrew Worth
SYLVESTER GBAHYAHFORH MOSES, as VP Boakai has been in a good position to lead the fight against corruption, this is one area of government responsibility I believe he could have acted decisively without stepping on Ellen's toes, while she managed the big picture he could have been active rooting out corruption and organizing the dismissal and prosecution of the corrupt. If that had happened Sirleaf and Boakai would have been working as a team, but instead it was all Sirleaf with Boakai as nothing but the spare wheel
Andrew Worth at 02:39PM, 2017/07/06.
Ergo Manning

Liberia declared independence in 1847. And about two percent or less of the population--the Americo-Liberian and the Congo ethnicities-- were the only citizens of a newly minted nation Liberia.

Approximately, one hundred years later, the Indigenous gained citizenship in the land of his or her ancestors.

VP Boakai more likely than not wasn't born a citizen. If he didn't as an adult stand up in the intervening years, why would anyone expect him to stand up against disenfranchisement which ostensibly is an ordinary event to him?

It is first to recognize the mental and physical shackles of bondage upon one's one body, mind, soul; to crave freedom; then to act to achieve.

The central theme might be: Why and how Liberians are foreigners in their country, and what to do to exercise the full bundle of inalienable rights and obligations of the Pledge of Allegiance under the Constitution and Laws.

Ergo Manning at 03:54PM, 2017/07/06.
Ergo Manning
Liberia declared independence in 1847. And about two percent or less of the population--the Americo-Liberian and the Congo ethnicities-- were the only citizens of a newly minted nation Liberia.

Approximately, one hundred years later, the Indigenous gained citizenship in the land of his or her ancestors.

VP Boakai more likely than not wasn't born a citizen. If he didn't as an adult stand up in the intervening years, why would anyone expect him to stand up against disenfranchisement which ostensibly is an ordinary event to him?

It is first to recognize the mental and physical shackles of bondage upon one's one body, mind, soul; to crave freedom; then to act to achieve.

The central theme might be: Why and how Liberians are foreigners in their country, and what to do to exercise the full bundle of inalienable rights and obligations of the Pledge of Allegiance under the Constitution and Laws.

Ergo Manning at 03:58PM, 2017/07/06.
Theodore T. Hodge
Yes, I do support the VP's candidacy for president. I think he has the qualifications required for the job; perhaps the most qualified man in the race, when 3one examines his professional credentials. In terms of his personal life, there is no doubt that he has proven himself a man of immense moral character. I can understand that others may not like him or prefer him to succeed in his quest for the position. Does that diminish him? No sir. He is only human; some people will like him while others will prefer others. But it is pathetic to hold him responsible for things way beyond his control or outside of his professional duties as VP. Perhaps knowing the responsibilities of the office will set and establish grounds for further discussion. What I've read so far seems to point to the conclusion that a realistic assessment has not been made before these personal conclusions are drawn. Perhaps we should begin there.
Theodore T. Hodge at 05:05PM, 2017/07/06.
Andrew Worth
Bureaucracies have a tendency to grow and become corrupt if the person at the top is toothless and doesn't fight with determination to reign them in, with the present problems with corruption in my opinion an assertive, dogged and energetic leader is essential to peg back things from where they are now, there're a lot of entrenched interests that'll fight hard for the slice they've got their hooks into. "energetic", "dogged", "assertive" and "determined" are not adjectives that come to mind when I think of J. N. Boakai.
Andrew Worth at 05:28PM, 2017/07/06.
Theodore Hodge
Despite your personal description of the man, VP Boikai remains a tough contender for the position. He is a strong contender, perhaps the most formidable; respected and kept in high esteem by the rest of the field. It is no accident; he earned the respect, admiration and accolades he now enjoys. As the full election season opens up, I am confident he will live up to the task before him. I have no doubt in my mind about that. Good luck to whomever your preferred candidate is; we shall see soon!
Theodore Hodge at 05:49PM, 2017/07/06.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Yes, Theo Hodge,"Some people need to be held by the hand and spoon-fed" with your colonial mentality line of reasoning that debunking the corrupt and hipocritical mindset of a VICE PRESIDENT...Joseph Boakai who has benefited from a cesspool of immorality, wickedness, massive corruption, and very bad governance, is "requiring the VP to Engage in a tug of war with the president."

According to you people even the author of this article(debunking the strange silence of Joseph Boaka may be tacitly "requiring the VP to Engage in a tug of war with the president." You better start "looking beyond your noses"!

People like you are a mere waste of time, since in fact, insted of advocating the emergence of programmatic political parties in a political system that trashes out incumbent parties when it does not act in the interest of the nation but in the interest of THE ELITE, as is the case of Joseph Boakai and his failed Unity Party, you people are furtively trying to promote a weak and corrupt individual as opposed to advocating and promoting such values and ideals as INSTITUTIONALISM AND ACCOUNTABLE REPRESENTATION!!

So of course Hodge,"Some people need to be held by the hand and spoon-fed" with such chronic limitations on the part of Theodore Hodge who seems not to be "looking beyond his nose" for such chronic limitations are extremely detrimental for assimilation.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 04:58PM, 2017/07/07.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Noble S.Gbahyahforh Moses,

In all frankness, we actually held dear and indeed do hold dear your answer to our response for its intellectual, academic, intellectual, and at times, its cinematic, equilibrium,in spite of our disagreement with your assertion that we are "requiring the VP to Engage in a tug of war with the president."

As for your response on the case of wicked and immoral Waylee who Boakai rejoices with every working day, all we can say is that we are a bit surprise considering the overwhelming evidence against Wayleee, his obstruction of justice, and your own professional background in criminal justice. On the other hand, we hope you would have listened to or watched former US VP Joe Biden when he publicly criticized Obama or certain issues, especially when Obama signed into law the same sex marriage issue.

Actually, that and the two other major assertions of yours that "we should put ourselves in his shoes",amid twelve years of financial waste, runaway corruption, pervasive poverty, lack of development", simply because "EJS was running the show, and had even cut ties with the party as soon as she was reelected in 2011," REALLY SOUNDED AS A JEST!

For, my great and good friend, S. Gbahyahforh, how can we build a nation by giving a possible 24 years to an incumbent failed party characterized with "twelve years of financial waste, runaway corruption, pervasive poverty, lack of development", SIMPLY BECAUSE OF ONE MAN!!!


Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 06:04PM, 2017/07/07.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Mr. Hodge and Mr. Moses, please peruse this latest report from the GAC on your St. Joseph for whom the Liberian people and nation should give the rotten Unity Party a possible 24 years to loot and rape the nation´s resources amid the worst INEQUALITY IN THE NATIONS HISTORY. THIS IS THE PRIMARY REASON WHY SUCH A CONSPICUOUS SILENCE ON THE PART OF YOUR GREAT ST. JOSEPH: THAT IS BESIDES THE GHOST PAYROLLS SOMETIMES AGO UNCOVERED BY INVESTIGATORs IN HIS OFFICE

Africa Probe

July 3, 2017

The General auditing Commission (GAC) has uncovered a major syndicate in which the office of the Vice President had withdrawn and misapplied monies that were transferred to the accounts of dead and dismissed employees working in his office.

The anti graft commission’s audit on the consolidated funds finds that, between 2014-2015 the Vice President’s personnel director in consultation with him withdrew and misapplied the cumulative salary of one Marie Smith, Director/Human Resource Division who was dismissed from the VP’s office on 30th December 2017. According to the GAC Audit on the consolidated funds, following Marie’s dismissal in December 2014, more than US$65,820.00 were withdrawn from her Government of Liberia (GOL) salary account and misapplied between January 2015 to May 2015. Marie’s Liberian Dollar account also had LD$13,164.00 withdrawn from it.

Additionally, the GAC Audit also uncovers that a former staff from the Human Resource department in the office of the Vice President Stephen Saysay, who died July 23, 2014 had a cumulative amount of US$73,836.00 withdrawn from his account between November 2014 to June, 2015. Though dead, Saysay also had a total of L$10, 584.00 withdrawn from his account by the VP’s office. He had been dead seven months up to the time of the audit.

The whereabouts and application of the money for the two former employees are a mystery, but the auditing commission wants further justification by the VP office on why it had wantonly violated the Public Financial Management (PFM).

Section 9.1 of the Civil Service Standing Order provides for a Human Resources Program with the means to recruit, select, develop and maintain an effective and responsible work force. Also, included are policies and procedures for employee hiring and advancement, training and development, position classification, salary administration, pension and employees’ benefits, discipline, termination and other related activities.

Furthermore, the PFM Regulation T.5 (1) & T. 8 require that “a head of Government Agency shall cause the immediate stoppage of payment of salary to a public servant when that public servant has resigned, retired or died. Unless the date is otherwise specified under any other enactment, the effective date shall be in the case of: (a)Deceased public officer, the three months following the date of death; (e) Resignation and Retirement, the effective date for stoppage shall be the earlier of: Date of Absence or Date specified on a relevant document”.

According to the report, it was observed during the audit, “that the names of some public sector employees with the total cumulative salary of L$214,942.00 and US$139,656.00 who were either dead, dismissed, or resigned from the Office of the Vice President and the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy respectively were maintained on the Civil Service Payroll (EDP Payroll) beyond the statutory time.”

Loss of Public Funds
According to the audit the failure of the VP’s office to timely remove separated employees’ names from the payroll ‘may lead to the loss of public fund.’ The report said Ministries and Agencies should develop a customized human resource policy and procedures manual that would include programs for employees’ hiring, documentation, staff classification and salary administration.

The GAC further said that the VP office response as provided in its response to the audit queries were immaterial and insufficient enough to address the audit observation.

“However, this Exhibit does not address the issue raised by the GAC. Therefore, the personnel Directors for the Office of the Vice President and the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy should respectively be held accountable as per A.20 of the PFM Regulations for the loss of Government resources.” The report said.

Loss of government Funds
The Anti graft audit report further said the failure to timely remove separated employees’ names from the payroll “may lead to the loss of public fund.”

The audit asserted that the Personnel Directors for the Office of the Vice President as well as the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy should give substantive justification respectively for maintaining the names of former employees on the Government payroll for period longer than allowed under the law.

According to the GAC Audit, Ministries and Agencies should develop a customized human resource policy and procedures manual that would include programs for employees’ hiring, documentation, staff classification and salary administration. This would increase Management Letter on the GOL Consolidated Fund Financial Statements for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2015 19 promoting accountability of public resources efficiency and avoid the maintenance of ghost names on the Government payroll.

The office of the VP did not confirm nor deny the report. According to the VP’s office staff, it is yet to see the GAC consolidated audit report.

ADA-LAP Money extortion claims
Ahead of the elections opposition political parties have challenged the position of the governing Unity Party (UP) on their 12 years of steering the affairs of the state.

For instance, there have been accusations coming from opposition leaders that the forerunner and standard bearer of the Unity Party, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has not been able to do enough over the last 12 years of ‘misrule,’ marred with corruption and abuse of public office.

In 2016, Ambassador Wendell Macintosh who was head of the ADA-LAP project accused the Vice President for demanding money for his travel to Foya, Lofa County where a $30 million dollars Agriculture project for rice cultivation was ongoing. Ironically, the Vice has a huge budgetary allocation for domestic travel.

During a live radio broadcast, the former Liberian Ambassador alleged that on many occasions he would have to $10,000 available for the VP travel to Foya.

But responding to the allegations from Macintosh, the office of the VP said the office of the VP noted that on November 26, 2008, the VP’s Chief of staff wrote transmitting the budget of $10,314.05 (Ten Thousand Three Hundred and Fourteen dollars and Five Cents) for a 7-day visit to Foya, Lofa County, with three days exclusively dedicated to ADA.

The office stated that on December 3, 2008, the Office received a call from ADA indicating that funding for the trip had been approved and was ready and upon arrival at the ADA/LAP financial section, the VP office comptroller was presented with a cash receipt for a whooping US$30,133.05 (Thirty Thousand One Hundred Thirty-three United States Dollars and Five Cents), along with an adjusted budget, and was asked to sign same.

“When asked why the additional US$20,000 (Twenty Thousand US Dollars) increment, the Financial Officer, replied, “…look, just sign the receipt and we have the US$10,000 here and something is built inside for others and for you.” To give “greater comfort level” the ADA Financial Officer pre-signed and witnessed the receipt,” the VP’s office stated.

But Article 90(a) of the Constitution states that no person, whether elected or appointed to any public office, shall engage in any other activity which shall be against public policy, or constitute conflict of interest and (b) states that “No person holding public office shall demand and receive any other perquisites, emoluments or benefits, directly or indirectly, on account of any duty required by Government.”
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 06:12AM, 2017/07/08.
Theodore Hodge
I've simply stated in this forum that I support the candidacy of Joseph Boikai. I have also expressed and extended an invitation to all other citizens to engage in the democratic way using freedom of speech to promote and advance any other candidate of their choice. You advocate for yours and I advocate for mine. Instead, what I get over and over again is a childish outburst of anger. It puzzles me what a supposedly grown man intends to achieve by bursting into these infantile tantrums... What do you intend to achieve by killing the candidacy of one citizen without giving him a chance to state his case to the people who will vote? What do you intend to achieve by going on such a destructive mission to silence someone with a legitimate view, just because that view doesn't coincide with yours? Is that the kind of democracy you have chosen to institute? Think again; some of us are not easily intimidated by nuts like you. Think hard about it before you make such a fool of yourself; but then again, perhaps you just can't help yourself.
Theodore Hodge at 02:42PM, 2017/07/08.
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