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April 20, 1998


Her Excellency Rachel Gbenyon-Diggs
Ambassador, Republic of Liberia
Embassy of the Republic of Liberia
5303 Colorado Avenue
Washington, DC 20011


Dear Madam Ambassador:

I recently received your letter in which you requested that a copy of the tape recording from which you were quoted in the Jan./Mar.1998 edition of The Perspective be made available to you. Please accept my apology for not responding to your request in a timely fashion. There was some confusion as to whether the letter was a private communication addressed to The Perspective seeking certain source information or for the general public, since the letter was already available on the Internet before reaching the magazine.

Madam Ambassador, as a matter of policy, The Perspective does not release notes, recordings and other documents it uses in making editorial decisions or judgments. I strongly believe that this policy is in congruence with the guarantees of the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution. As such, I regret to inform your excellency that The Perspective will adhere to this policy.

In order to ensure accuracy of content, fairness to the individuals we featured, and maintain credibility and objectivity for the magazine, it is our policy to transcribe and listen carefully to all recorded materials and double check all quotes. This process was followed prior to publication of the article and after we received your letter. And from all indications, the editorial board agrees that the quotes attributed to you are accurate.

The Perspective will be pleased to work with Mr. Kenneth Best in organizing a symposium on press freedom in Liberia. Kindly make our relevant information available to him. Many thanks, Madam Ambassador, for the consideration.


Yours truly,


Abraham M. Williams
Editor/The Perspective