Drop The Law Suit In The Name Of Peace: An Open Letter To President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

By Michael B. Bull


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
February 17, 2006


My Dearest President:

I wish to appeal to you in the name of peace, to drop the Law suit against Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu. My appeal should not be misconstrued as weakness, rather the courage and strength to overcome adversity. In spite of the malevolent things he said about you, during the campaign season, the people of Liberia overwhelmingly elected you as our president. They believe in you and have entrusted you with the destiny of our beloved country, and it is incumbent upon you to justify the confidence reposed in you. Please withstand the tide of intolerance from detractors. They want to see you fail, but God on our side and the prayer of the faithful, you will successfully stand up to the task.

The new Liberia encompasses justice, equality, respect dignity and pride. We shall get there, but it is too early. I’m not provoking the merits and demerits of the law suit, however, it your inalienable right to seek legal redress as you deem it expedient. I strongly believe as mother of the nation it is quite explicit what moving Liberia forward entails. Peace and reconciliation should be the hallmark of national healing. There are more pressing and important national issues at stake than Woewiyu. The Liberian people know who Woewiyu is and there is no need to further dignify his deeds.

When former Interim President Amos C. Sawyer appeared on national radio during the hay days of IGNU, to participate in a weekly phone-in radio program called ISSUES WITH THE PRESIDENT, there were some Liberians who abuse the opportunity to engage the President positively. They resorted into slander and hostility. President Sawyer used his political ingenuity to rebuff them, thereby creating a more meaningful and amicable discussion. I’m in no way suggesting that you be like Dr. Sawyer, but use your experience and ignore those who would serve as distraction.

Eyes have seen and ears have heard that good has triumphed over evil. The voice of the people is the voice of God! In union strong success is sure, we will over all prevail.

Yours truly,
Michael B. Bull
Auburn, Georgia, USA
The author is a social and political analyst who resides in Auburn, GA; and can be reached at gbangaytownpekin@yahoo.com.