Another Great Leap Forward To National Reconciliation And Reassurance
(Because God, Allah - Is Definitely Willing)


By James Thomas-Queh


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
April 6, 2006


From November 8, 2005, to March 28, 2006 – it would seem that Liberia has already gone through a century of metamorphosis in positive changes and perception. Because in barely four months the country has drown itself on the world stage with the utmost pride and dignity; and under the same breath it has unceremoniously handed over to the International War Crime Tribunal our former President, notorious warlord and criminal, Charles Taylor – to face charges of crime against humanity. And not yet for the more than 250 000 innocent Liberians massacred and a nation decimated, but for orchestrating and masterminding the same inferno against the people and nation of Sierra Leone.

Bravo Madam President, and may God continue to bless our sweet, sweet land of liberty. May long live Liberia and its people of great resilience and determination.

March 28, 2006, marked another important date in the tragic history of our country, and on several counts. First, as God continues to answer the prays of Liberians to sustain their efforts for lasting peace, stability and prosperity – the Almighty did not forget to fulfil also the ultimate request of their last and most sanguinary leader –Charles Taylor. The Lord brought him back not in pomps and pageantries or with an ultimatum on the people of Liberia to surrender or face total decimation – but handcuffed as an international war criminal and a shameless fugitive.

Second, God wanted Liberians to see and be reassured that Taylor does not hold their future and neither that of their nation; that they are now the masters of their national destiny. That Taylor’s shadow hangs no more over them and Liberia; but instead Taylor is now under the shadows of his likes – Foday Sankor , Milosovic and others.

Third, God wants us to know that as a Man of great patience, he is also a Father of justice. That an individual whose greed for power and wealth took more than 250 000 innocents lives, ruined the lives of three million more and destroyed a nation – must account for his act – first, before the people, and next, before the Lord. That he must never be allowed to live in peace, playing gulf and directing his mafia business conglomerate to the detriment of our national recovery.

And lastly, God is sending out yet another message under the caption: “To Whom It May Concern.” Because he strongly believes that there are still some individuals out there who refused to repent and in genuine humbleness seek forgiveness from the people and nation. Thus this last divine journey of Taylor is so intended to rest permanently in our national psyche.

From this assessment, it is my view that this closure of the chapter on the Taylor’s myth is another great leap forward to our national reconciliation and reassurance in us as one and united people. My greatest regret, however, is that the charges against Taylor are seemingly disassociated from the atrocities committed also against his own nation and people. But I have the certitude that on the final day of his judgment, the Honourable Judges of the International War Crime Tribunal of Sierra Leone, will also take into consideration the pains, sufferings, destitution, – of the people of Liberia. Because the Almighty God, Allah - is definitely willing.