Enroute To The Pay Day -A Commentary On O Pay Day

By Mantue S. Reeves


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
April 10, 2006


The dramatic mirage escape and the subsequent arrest climax by the repatriation and turning over “ceremony” of Africa’s most wanted evil schemer is now history. When comrade Ernest G.Smith Jr. few month ago predicted the above scenario in the above poem, many including the judges at the Special Court in Freetown and fellow advocates never imagined neither agree that the much publicized, sought after and negotiated Taylor’s arrest would have been that easy.

Whether the son of evil languishing in Freetown refuse to acknowledge the might and triumph of the pen over the Ak47s, mortars, massacres and gruesome attacks against humanity, it is exceedingly glaring that MOTHER DESTINY is swiftly exposing and incarcerating every soul who dares inflict ills upon her offspring.

Now that 6B is Charlie’s newest identity, only the heaven can accommodate the melodious songs and brightest smiles of the harmless slaughtered Nigerian journalists, amputees, orphans, widows and least I forget the songs of thanksgiving that are loudly been sung by the likes of Samuel Dokie, Jackson Fiah Doe, John Yormie, Isaac Vaye, Stephen Yerkeson and many more.

The blood of the innocent one’s wasted and abandoned in the bushes of the West African sub-region must indeed be heading toward Freetown and possibly the Hague to quietly yet joyously witness the Pay Day of “The Might Papay”.

Until his end the cries of these fetus forcibly extracted from their moms bellies just to confirm their sexes shall not cease to be his melody.

Charlie boy, the ordeal has just begun; watch out because the hearts of aged men eaten by you and your followers are singing choruses at your REAL PAY DAY.


Mantue S. Reeves can be reached at: mspiritr@yahoo.com