A Voter Registration Appeal

By Gbe Sneh

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
May 9, 2005


A calling is issued.
A plea is sent around.
A calling is given to everyone of us.

This is an urgent appeal to following entities that can make a significant contribution to the Liberia Voter Registration Cause:

All Alumni Associations
The University Of Liberia
All Public and Private Schools
All Churches and Mosques
All County Associations
All Media Outlets - radio stations, TV stations, electronic media, local newspapers.

The news coming from all corners of the country regarding Voter Registration is very discouraging, indeed. The clock is ticking, and our people are keeping ‘Liberian Standard Time’ on registering to vote.

Without a doubt, all the above mentioned entities can break this lethargy that has set in on this crucial process.

All ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS in the Diaspora should please work through their respective schools on the ground to help in voter registration awareness. This will require a minimal emergency allocation to organize student teams to get the word out on the ground.

The UNIVERSITY OF LIBERIA should take the lead in organizing all functioning High Schools within their reach to work on this campaign to get our people to go out there and register to vote.

To all CLERICS of all houses of worship, please preach the ‘Sermon on Voter Registration’.

The PRINT MEDIA is called upon to run FRONT PAGE public service announcements on voter registration.

All RADIO STATIONS are also called upon to allot frequent time slots for this endeavor.

COUNTY ASSOCIATIONS need to work with whatever community information outlets in their respective counties to get the word out.

ANYONE living in the United States, even if you do not have any Alumni Association affiliation, but you do know a friend who belongs to one, please ask him/her to take the matter up with his/her Association President. We need to put in the same level of effort as we have shown is raising funds for our various schools, which are a part of the our communities, which are a part of our counties, and which ultimately are a part of our dear country.

Today, I am going to call the President of my Alumni Association - Our Lady Of Fatima/Saint Francis H.S. Alumni Association in The U.S.A - Ms Addy Mensah. Please make sure you call the president of your association , too.

Call on your parish priest, your pastor, your mullah, your evangelist, and have him/her mobilize the flock. TODAY.

We are all in this together. A successful VOTER REGISTRATION would show the world that we care, that all the time and money spent in helping us has not been in vain, and that we want to be MASTERS OF OUR OWN DESTINY.

What better way can we say THANK YOU to the world, other than having a successful voter registration, and subsequently a MASSIVE VOTER turnout on ELECTION DAY.

The introduction to this mass appeal is an excerpt from an old hymn, and it ends:

Come and show what you can do,
For life and the dignity of man.