Life Unbearable In Grand Kru County

By Josephus Moses Gray
Monrovia, Liberia

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
May 27, 2005


A Liberian social worker and humanitarian who headed a two-man assessment team in the southeastern county of Grand Kru, says the residents especially women and children are growing up in an unbearable condition due to lack of adequate humanitarian assistance to the destitute population of that county.

Mr. Patrick Jrikan, Executive Director of the Concerned Children in Difficult Circumstances attributed the situation to the failure of humanitarian organizations to extend their activities to the county.

According to the CCDC executive, the lack of assistance to the people of Grand Kru County is making life difficult for the residents, noting that some of the children are half naked, while their parents go without foot-wears.

In his stunning description of the unfortunate situation in the county, Mr. Jrikan said out of every one hundred children, about four are in school. He attributed the situation to lack of funds to support the children. He said while in the County, he recorded the grave conditions.

Mr. Jrikan who spent few days in Barclayville, the Administrative seat of the county told The Perspective in Monrovia that the residents are in dire need of assistance including wearing, educational materials, medication and farming tools, among other essential needs.

The CCDC assessment team noted that, most of the residents are impoverished and malnourished almost beyond description - lack of food and adequate medical assistance.

CCDC is one of the Liberian NGOs, addressing the needs of destitute Liberians especially children affected by the 14-year of bloody and devastated war.

Besides, the organization is engaged in several development programs, including childcare, food and nutrition, health, education, agriculture in the community.

CCDC believes that through the help of other humanitarian organizations, philanthropists, the Christian Community, UN Agencies, people of Goodwill, her work will be center of their hope and courage.