Publication of A Mutilated Version Of Mohamedu Jones' Article On Charles Brumskine May Lead to Legal Action


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
June 7, 2005


Mohamedu F. Jones
On October 16, 2001, The Perspective carried Cllr Mohamedu F. Jones’ article titled: Is Brumskine the Right Presidential Material Liberia Needs? It has been nearly four years since it was published. But a mutilated version of that article surfaced recently at one of the Liberian web sites without any indication that the original article was carried by The Perspective. Not only that, the publication of the article coincided with the Washington Post’s article on Cllr. Bumskine – this gives the impression that its circulation was propelled by some political motive.

The Perspective wants to go record stating that we shall not tolerate such dishonesty. Any reputable publication must follow certain industry guidelines, such as attributing due credit. If an article is culled from another publication, the original publication must be duly credited and acknowledged. To change the original article in any substantial way without the consent of the author or the original publication is pure intellectual dishonesty.

This publication, along with the author, Mr. Mohamedu Jones, hereby duly protests such blatant abuse and dishonesty. Below is the full text of Cllr. Jones’ letter to the Liberian Times:

The Editor
The Liberian Times
Dear Editor,
I am writing in regards to your publication dated June 4 2005, entitled "Is Brumskine Presidential Material?" with the byline "Author: Mohamedu F. Jones/USA." I have never before submitted an article to your publication, and did not in this case. It appears that you excerpted portions of an article that I had published on "The Perspective" a number of years ago and re-published as if I had submitted it to you in June 2005.
Your action regarding this article is deceptive, unethical, and clearly contrary to even the basic journalistic standards. It was completely false and misleading to list me as the author of what you have published when you edited my original work without my consent and authorization. You failed to even credit the original publisher, "The Perspective," or to indicate the original date of the publication or give your readers imperative background information about what you published.
I am requesting that you immediately remove the article "Is Brumskine Presidential Material?" and its attribution to Mohamedu F. Jones as the author. I am further requesting that you carry this letter on your site. Please note that if you fail to remove the article, I will avail myself of any and all legal proceedings as appropriate in the United States and Liberia. Please note that I am also sending this letter to other publications for dissemination.

Mohamedu F. Jones, Esq.

During our nine years in existence, The Perspective has developed an impressive archive of thousands of articles. But in recent time, there has been a spate of intellectual dishonesty on the part of some publications, politicians and their groupies – articles and copyrighted pictures have been lifted from our site without any credit given to The Perspective. Even our copyright symbol (©) was pirated by another site, not realizing that the symbol was linked to The Perspective site. As I write this note, The Perspective’s articles titled “Conversation With Charles Brumskine” and “Brumskine’s Movement Launched”, are currently posted by Friends of Brumskine without any credit given to The Perspective. “A Call For A National Conference Prior To The October Elections” was circulated yesterday by Friends of George Weah without any credit to The Perspective. “Is it Democracy or Democrazy for Africa?” by Dr. Wafula (March 19, 2002) was carried by a paper in the Gambia as its editorial without any credit to The Perspective or Dr. Wafula.

These are blatant copyright violations and theft of intellectual property. Please be warned that we may have no alternative but to pursue legal actions if such practices persist.

G. H. Nubo