Christianity and Islam Were Not Our Original Religion

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
June 20, 2005


Dear Editor:

I wanted to thank you for this wonderful article.

I am an African American female who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. While reading your article, I couldn't help but keep thinking...."Things Fall Apart." I am sure you know of this book, for all Africans do (smile). I don't think we can make any more sense of this separatism and where it all stemmed from. You can repeat yourself over and over and this problem won't ever end until people take a look at what is still happening to us. It's a really sad thing. I became Muslim when I was 19 years old and then later became Christian when I was 26 years old. I guess you are wondering how this happened. Well, this happens often, as you are well aware. I truly was looking for another way, since I wasn't born into any religion (no matter what religion America was so-called founded upon). I then converted to Christianity and have been trying to suppress some of the questions that often come to mind. I find that the more Christian we become, the more we have to compromise our heritage and culture as an African people. This I despise for enough damage has already been done. What more? I am aware that both Christianity and Islam were introduced to us and were not our original religion. I often struggle with the reality of knowing that Christianity was used to control. But then there is a feeling that keeps me grounded that is above all things physical which makes me stay devoted. Having had the experience of being Muslim and Christian is to me an advantage in that I can be open-minded to all. I actually judge a person by their heart and character (although, who am I to judge). I see many that are inside the doors of the church who really don't reverence God whatsoever. I am not judging anyone, I am simply acknowledging what I often see.

Brother, I share in your sentiments and I thank you for not staying silent. No matter who we call our God, we must always display love and humility toward our brothers and sisters. I thank you for doing such.

One last thing I must point out. Because the same "founding" fathers have shaped the mind of the people, in both Africa and America, you have to see who is the real problem of which I am sure you do. We cannot escape the truth that what is happening to us, was a well designed plan that is still working to this day. We still remain separated and can't seem to find a way to unite. It's pitiful, isn't it? We really don't get it. What is also sad is that the "so-called" educated ones need to put down the books they are reading and really get educated. People are reading too much nonsense and not gaining any sense at all. I hope you understand me… I would hate to have to translate (smile).

Anyway, I encourage you to keep writing about this. May your words one day finally make sense to our lost family.

Peace & blessings

Regina Douglas