The Black Stars Must Shine

By Joseph G. Bartuah

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
June 21, 2006


The pivotal World Cup match this Thursday between Ghana Black Stars and the United States soccer team has some historic underpinning as well as psychological exponents, especially for the African continent. It was in Berlin, the German capital, that Africa’s colonial fate was decided about 122 years ago. In 1884 the then European powers gathered in Berlin and concocted the partition and exploitation of Africa.

But more significantly, it’s almost 50 years now since the founding father of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah declared on March 6, 1957 that Ghana’s independence would be meaningless, unless every inch of Africa was liberated that the Black Stars have embarked on another Herculean liberation struggle on behalf of Mother Africa.

Unlike the political liberation of the ‘50s and ‘60s from colonialism, Ghana’s crucial and equally historic mission this around is to triumphantly liberate the minds of millions of Africans football (soccer) enthusiasts and football players themselves from the psychological doldrums of inferiority complex to the plain of self-esteem in mankind’s most popular sporting event.

In 1957 Nkrumah did not only declare Ghana’s mission of liberation, he also worked assiduously towards the actualization of his lofty dream. Equally so, since the Black Stars have gallantly proclaimed Africa’s soccer sophistication on the global stage, they must courageously defend the pride and prestige of Mother Africa this Thursday against the Americans. As the Black Stars players take on the United States on tomorrow, the Ghanaians must realize that the inevitable tentacles of fate have squarely placed the destiny of our cherished continent on their shoulders.

As true representatives of the Black Race, the Black Stars must heroically rise to the occasion with unsurpassed intrepidation, unshakable determination and an unflinching resolve to trounce the Americans and put invaluable smiles on the faces of Africans everywhere.

There comes a time when a man must put national interest - continental interest—above all others. Following 90 minutes of play this Thursday, the spectacular performance and wizardry of the Black Stars must induce cheers, celebrations and reveling across Africa.

From Monrovia to Mogadishu, Dar es Salaam to Dakar, Kinshasa to Khartoum and even in the Diasporas, it must be celebration all the way because Black Stars have sparkled.

As I see it, Ghana has the requisite credentials to ably deliver the goods. Although it’s their first time on the global stage, the three-time African champions have an enviable reservoir of talents and some of the finest gems of football to strike a significant blow to any unsuspecting foe. Indeed, the time has come and I remain confident that the Black Stars will definitely glow and illuminate the rest of the world so that the treasure of talents on the can be unveiled.

About the author: Joe Bartuah is a Liberian journalist. He resides in Boston, Massachusetts and can be reached at:
Phone: 617-265-5768

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