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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
June 24, 2006


Dear Editor:

If reports from the ANALYST NEWS AGENCY is true on Mr. Johnny Lewis, Chief Justice of Liberia collosal faliure to dispense constitutional due process, and his strange disregard to carrying out THE STATE RESPONSIBILITY REGARDING THE TREATMENT OF ALIENS, then Johnny must GO!! There must be no pampering, mollycoddling, nor legal political cossetting here. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!

Compatriots!!! the days for "YOU GO GO OR YOU NON GO GO" should never be given any opportunity to creep into the Liberian body polity anymore! Neither the First, second, nor the Fourth estates of national governance should pussyfoot on this failure, and glaring irregularty, on the part of the first among equals of the third estate THIS ESTATE IS(AND MUST BE) THE BULWARK, AND SPIRIT, OF A LIBERIA WHICH HAS FULL REGARD FOR CONSTITUTIONAL DUE PROCESS, AND THE DISPENSATION OF INTERNATIONAL MINIMUM STANDARDS VIS A VIS THE OPERATIONS OF UNDERLINGS AND THE TREATMENT OF ALIENS UNDER BOTH MUNICIPAL AND INTERNATIONAL JURISPRUDENCE!!!

There is a principle in international, comparative, and of course municipal jurisprudence that instructs: RES IPSA LOQUITUR! meaning the facts literally speaks for themselves!!! Had the Chief Justice thought, decided, and acted on carrying out his oath of office, he would have very most definitively served the Bellview Manager and or corporation a writ of arrest as enshirned in the Constitution! But because this BIG-MAN mentality of trampling on laws and legal principles by most African senior officials(and especially Liberian government officials because of their position) Mr. Johnny Lewis Chief Justice of Liberia abused his powers, trampled on constitutional due process, and so cared less about state responsibility regarding the treatment of aliens.

Mr. Lewis is fully aware that even if the state or government underlings went(ultra vires) beyond their authorised powers IT IS HE MR.CHIEF JUSTICE (and not his underlings at least under international law) would be held accountable!!! In short, while Mr. Johnny Lewis has no justifications to have trampled un constitutional due process, he is also jurisprudentially cognizant that he also has no justifications nor defences under international law-(a) was NOT coerced (b) had NOT acted with the consent of the victim (c) WAS NOT taking legally permissible measures, (d) acted NOTunder force majeure!!! And so, there should be no pussyfooting nor mollycoddling, if Johnny has abused his powers Johnny must go!!!

Thanks greatly,

J. Oliver Doe, Center for Africa?s International Relations and Global Studies, Helsinki, Finland.

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