House Speaker Edwin Snowe Accused Of Violating Article 57 Of The Liberian Constitution

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
July 6, 2006


A letter purportedly written by House Speaker Edwin Snowe to the Taiwanese Ambassador accredited to the Gambia, Amb. Patrick P. C. Chang, could lead to serious investigation. Some of Speaker Snowe’s colleagues are now accusing him of violating Article 57 of the Liberian Constitution which states: “The President shall have the power to conduct the foreign affairs of the Republic and in that connection he is empowered to conclude treaties, conventions and similar international agreements with the concurrence of a majority of each House of the Legislature.” Below is the letter written by some members of the House of Representatives?


Republic of Liberia
The Honorable House of Representatives
Capitol Building
P.O. Box
Monrovia Liberia

July 5, 2006

James R. Kaba, Esq
The Honorable House of Representatives
Capitol Building, Capitol Hill
Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Mr. Chief Clerk:

We wish to present you our esteemed compliments and sincere best wishes.

The 28 April 2006 letter published in the 3 July 2006 edition of the National Chronicle Newspaper bearing the signature of Speaker Snowe has sparked some consternation amongst a great number of our constituents and us, the legislators. The letter informed Ambassador Chang of Taiwan accredited to the Gambia that the 52nd Legislature, through his office, would like to initiate discussions in exploring possible legislations geared towards re-establishing diplomatic ties between Liberia and Taiwan. Based on this communication, which is in violation of Article 57 of the Liberian Constitution, we are respectfully calling on this August Body through the Plenary to conduct a concise and comprehensive investigation to ascertain the facts surrounding the commitment made by the Speaker on our behalf. Enclosed is the communication.

This request through you to the Plenary of this Honorable House of Representatives is to ensure the strict adherence to democratic accountability and constitutional rule of law. The letter in all seriousness has shocked the conscience of our Constitution, and we would like nothing more than conducting an immediate inquiry within the democratic framework of objectivity that would reveal the truth.

We remain, with unabated trust and confidence,



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