History Will Exonerate My Administration

Farewell Remarks
Klahn-Gboloh Jarbah

National President
Sinoe County Association in the Americas, Inc.
On Saturday, July 8, 2006
Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
July 13, 2006


In this public manner, I am pleased to lay down my official responsibilities of the office of president of the Sinoe County Association in the Americas, Inc.; and to officially pass the baton to our new core of officers.

I am glad to step aside, and to welcome and wish our new leaders success in all of their undertakings.

This evening, I have no new policy announcements to make. There are simply a few things in my heart that I want to say to you. I want to say "thank you plenty for your help" and I want to say “good-bye” but not gone – for I will always remain a part of this august organization, no matter the circumstances.

I owe my deepest thanks to you for the privilege and extraordinary opportunity you gave me to serve as president of the SCAA for the past two years. For me, there is no greater honor than the honor of my volunteer service to such a worthy cause – serving my people.

To my family and friends, I say thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for standing with me even when I bit off more than I could chew. As we say in Liberia, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To illustrious Vice President, Mrs. Williemae Duncan-Peal, my Cabinet and supporters who have served and struggled with me in the last two years, I wish to say publicly what I have always said behind close doors: I thank you for your support. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and determination. Thank you for the competence you brought to our administration and to the service of our association.

I suppose that history will remember my term in office as the years when the "SCAA split into two competing groups”. I hardly had a day in office when in the words of George Bush, the “axes of evil” plotted to divide the SCAA. The flagrant and deliberate defiance of a handful of disgruntle members determined to destroy the SCAA is beyond anyone’s imagination. The deliberate deception and offensive threats; and clandestine decision to divide the SCAA is the work of individuals who put personal greed above national interests. It is the same greed for power and ill-gotten wealth that destroyed our beloved country for which many of us find ourselves in this prolonged exile.

However, I believe history will exonerate my administration to the point that, while during my term of office, there was a crisis in the organization, it will also say, we stood firm against the aggressors and defeated them. Their defeat was made possible as the result of our collective determination to defend the SCAA and to make our goals and objectives clear; the hope of the perpetrators of this division went down the drain.

• History will also say in the 2 years our administration equipped more than 250 students at Sinoe Multilateral High with school supplies.

• The Jarbah-Peal Administration had a passion for the welfare of children. Last year’s convention and this year’s, our children, youth and young adults have become an integral part of the convention activities.

• History will record that the SCAA provided 21 students with scholarship at LU; and that we were instrumental in helping to defrayed the tuition arrears of over 90 students at the university, and’

• History will say SCAA contributed $2,000 to students at the primary, middle and senior high school levels to pay for the Liberian National Examination.
Now my final thoughts: The dejected state of our people and their unfulfilled dreams cannot be ignored. Collective and individually, we must do our best to help in the rebuilding of Liberia, and Sinoe County in particular. The people need our help and the county cannot prosper without the contribution of all of its citizens.

The pressing demand for financial and material assistance in rebuilding Sinoe is far greater than any one organization’s ability to meet these requirements. Government cannot do it alone. The future of Sinoe is in our hands. Our efforts in Sinoe must go beyond simply giving charity to soften suffering. Rather, we should address the underlying causes of poverty--lack of capital, social and cultural barriers that perpetuate poverty and sufferings.

Therefore, as I leave the stage, I want to propose the establishment of the Sinoe Economic Development Fund (SEDF).

My friends, to sustain the kinds of ambitious plan we envision for Sinoe, it would take more than membership dues. Therefore, as a good business strategy, we recommend that the SCAA invest an initial $50,000.00 as seed money to capitalize the corporation (SEDF).

The proposed corporation (SEDF) would provide small short-term loans to businesses and community organizations that are clearly in a position to repay. The fund would charge a nominal interest rate to cover transactional costs. An Investment Board and an appointed officer would closely administer the corporation. The corporation will handle and manage SCAA’s investments.

This is my vision of the future; a picture of the Sinoe I hope to see. But this vision cannot be made real unless each of us is willing to make the financial and material sacrifice.

I thank you for your support; may God richly bless each of us. And long live the Sinoe County Association in the Americas.

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