Liberians: Beware of Opportunist Politicians

By Rev. Wilfred M. Manyango

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
August 3, 2005


If anyone has been paying attention to the news from Liberia lately, you may have read of politicians crossing over from one party to another. This has been especially true of politicians from the National Patriotic Party crossing over to other parties.

While I believe that these politicians have the constitutional right to affiliate themselves with any group, their decisions to cross over demonstrate a lack of commitment on their part. The question now is why are crossing over now? Is it because their former patron, Charles Taylor, is not in power? Why the decision to leave now?

These actions demonstrate that these individuals lack commitment and as such are not morally qualified to occupy any public office. If they can begin to run from their parties to seek greener pastures, how sure can we be that they may not betray the trust of the people if elected?

As we approach this historic election, Liberians need to beware of these opportunist politicians. They are “wolves in sheep clothing.” They want to hang their clothes where the sun is shining, to quote Kekura Kpoto. We do not need these kinds of people in our government. For so long our country has been run by such people. They left Samuel Doe and join Taylor and are now leaving for other politicians with the potential of becoming presidents. Woe and shame be unto them. Their interests lie only in getting power and using it to enrich themselves. History and eventually the Lord will judge them for their actions.