The Liberian Government Needs a Web Site to Articulate its Policies


By Philemon George

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
September 9, 2006


It is understandable the Liberian Government has more pressing issues and limited resources to solve every societal problem, but some things like creating a Web site does not cost a lot of money depending on scope and functionality. A basic web site containing information about its achievements, policies, and programs would cost less than five thousand dollars (US$5,000). The benefits are enormous. Because the government will now have its own site, it can publish official government policies that cannot be misstated by the press or anyone for that matter. With all the confusion surrounding the rice issue, a web site is definitely of strategic importance to communicating with the public.

I find it interesting those government officials keep chiding the press for misstating public policy when that information could simply be published on the government site. I don’t know of any government that relies solely on the media for disseminating its public policies. Is that not a recipe for misinformation, especially in a traumatized society where rumor is rampant? Other valuable information such as “how to invest in Liberia” would be useful information to publish on the site as well. This government needs to use Information Technology to its advantage – this is expected of any progressive society.

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