A Conspiracy Of Silence Which Must Be Challenged

By Lawrence S. Green

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 4, 2005


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When one considers that Liberia and its people have over the years suffered massively because of personal greed, and that that greed is still prevalent today, one realizes that in order for the country to progress under any incoming administration, the next President must be honest, fearless and outspoken and set a standard which will demonstrate to all that he or she is serious and determined to face up-to and deal with problems, both past and present, which have reduced the country to a level of “high disrepute” among the community of nations.

Because of the fact that the candidates have not yet, in their speeches or platforms, dealt with several major matters relevant to the conduct of a reputable government, I would like to suggest that all concerned forward thinking voters ask each and every presidential candidates to publicly pledge, that if elected, their administration will;

1. not permit nor grant amnesty or pardons to any member of the Taylor and or Bryant administrations (TBAs) who have been accused, implicated and or investigated for abuses of human rights and or corrupt practices and who fail to appear, or register to appear, before the proposed Truth & Reconciliation Commission within “say” sixty days after the Commission is constituted and functioning;

2. release to the press (for publication) within “say” thirty days after assuming office, all investigative reports conducted and or complied by government, the United Nations and or any other competent authority, during the tenure of the TBAs;

3. appoint a commission, made up of reputable persons, within “say” thirty days after assuming office, which will be charged with holding public hearings which will review all agreements and or contracts entered into by the Bryant administration which extend beyond the tenure of said administration, and

4. attempt, through all legal means, to secure the return of funds, and or government properties (or the value of same) misappropriated during the tenure of the TBAs.

If Liberia is to progress, the next administration must demonstrate strength of charter, honesty, and fearlessness. If not, Liberia will continue to remain at the “bottom of the barrel”, a failed “play-play” city-state unable to generate jobs, development, respect and or peace.

The country and its people have suffered abuse for too long and must not forget nor allow it to happen again. Remember, and never forget, God helps those, who first help themselves. Liberians can and must do better and must not allow themselves to be condemned to a continued state of hopeless because of a conspiracy of silence which will benefits only those who have abused or plan to abuse the Liberian people..