An Opportunity of a Lifetime – ‘NOW or NEVER’


Issued by the National Communications Committee, (USA)
Ellen-for-President ’05, Unity Party

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 4, 2005


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As we go through this election cycle, we have seen a proliferation of political parties and the recent Supreme Court’s decision could increase that number further. The common expression would be that this is what democracy is all about. Clearly, there are different schools of thoughts on this issue, especially so, a country of approximately 3 million people. It is our belief that the country would be better served if there were fewer political parties to allow for a robust scrutiny of the various platforms.

We brought out this point to make the observation that there is something eerily going on in our country these days – the debasement of our Government Institutions, where incompetence, loyalty to warring factions, nepotism, and corruption have become the mother of all resumes to holding positions of public trust. This is evident in our current National Transitional Government led by Gyude Bryant.

Similarly, it is rearing its ugly head in our current political campaign for elected offices. We have seen presidential candidates that do not have the requisite experience for the highest office in the land aspired for it. These candidates have little or no governmental experience; they have served primarily in private family businesses and are consumed by their own private motives. Now, they see it expedient to be the voice of the Liberian people for whom they have made NO sacrifice, shown NO sensitivity towards, and in some ways have abused the Liberian people. All you have to do is take a look at the extension of the concession agreement between the National Transition Government of Gyude Bryant and the Firestone Rubber Plantation – who does this benefit?? The most recent mining agreement signed hastily between the National Transitional Government of Gyude Bryant and Mittal Steel – who does this benefit?? One thing we know it does not benefit the Liberian people.

It is time we say NO to incompetence, corruption, nepotism, and say YES to efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and a concern for our fellow Liberians. We can only achieve this thru strong and compassionate leadership, it is this opportunity that we as Liberians have today. We are a country awakened from nearly 17 years of arm conflict, in which the old, children, youths, and the unsuspecting have been the victims. We all have been touched one way or the other, we are in a fight for our values, our principles, our way of life and our first responsibility is to vote for someone who believes in the enterprise of our people. Remember the ancient Chinese proverb “a thousand mile begins with a single step”, that step begins with the only candidate in the race that has the experience and know-how to lead us out of this nightmare – Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

We are burdened by our past and the present, but are hopeful about the future if we elect Mrs. Sirleaf the next President of the Republic of Liberia.

We see Mrs. Sirleaf in the same light of great women who made a difference in their country history and the lives of their people. When one thinks of such personalities, you think of the following women:

Margaret Thacther (“The Iron Lady”), former Prime Minister of Great Britain – who held several ministerial positions and understood how government works. Her philosophy was always to reduce the role of government and increase individual self-reliance.

Corizan Aquino, former President of the Philippines – a patriot who left a legacy of having brought down a decade of dictatorship, and cronyism.

Indira Ghandi - (grand daughter of Mohamata Ghandi), former President of India – a nationalist who launch a twenty - point programme for the eradication of poverty in her country.

Vigdi Finnbogadottir, former President of Iceland – the first women to be popularly elected head of state; she enhanced the international stature of the position of President and of Iceland.

Why the names of these ‘CAN DO’ heads of governments, because we have an opportunity of a lifetime in someone who embodies all of these attributes – Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Mrs. Sirleaf comes from a humble beginning, her mother hails from Sinoe County, her father hails from Bomi County - she has worked in several capacities in government. In all of her years of service both domestically and internationally she has NEVER been involved in any financial mis-management. Mrs. Sirleaf’s record of public service can only be described as impeccable. She believes in her country, in a small competent government, diversity of views and ethnicity, and the Liberian people.

We cannot afford on-the-job training presidential candidates – we have to do the right thing by those who lost their lives to this senseless conflict and in looking forward to a brighter future for our children. The only reasonable decision is to elect Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf the next President of Liberia; she will come in the spirit of those great women who preceded her – who will on the first day in office take the “bull by the horn.” Mrs. Sirleaf will make us pride again, this great nation will rise again – Rise Like the Phoenix.

This will become a reality only if we make it happen. It is time for change, hope is on the way; we ask you, for the good of all of us, for the love of God, let us vote Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on October 11, 2005.

May God Bless Liberia