KING GEORGE: Liberia's Common Sense President

By Farleyson tarley

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 4, 2005


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Fellow Liberians, over the past few months I have been reading, with keen interest, the various articles composed and posted on numerous Websites from different interest groups and individuals discussing the current issue of elections in our Motherland, Liberia. At first I did not want to get involved with the exercise of intellectual exchange because I have been away from Liberia for many years and I have not met any of the Presidential Candidates personally except Mrs. Sirleaf. I, therefore, have been keeping my peace, but the thought provoking article of a gentleman called Taiwan Saye Gongloe has pull me on board this intellectual train.

In his Article, "The 2005 Liberian Election: A Test of Liberian Common Sense", Posted on the Perspective Website on September 22, 2005, Mr. Gongloe indicated that my People, the people of Liberia, are currently confused. He said Liberians are confused when it comes to making the right choice for president primarily because the candidates are many. He, therefore, proposed guidelines to help alleviate the mass confusion. Unfortunately, Mr. Gongloe stopped short of endorsing or identifying the perfect Common Sense Presidential candidate he prefers. The failure to provide such an important detail, to me, is disservice to both the reading public and the masses he professed to help. I therefore feel obligated, as a Liberian and one who cares deeply for the welfare of my homeland, to lessen the burden for the average voter.
Before revealing the name of the Perfect Presidential Candidate all Liberians with Common Sense ought to cast their vote for, It is important to first indicate the kind of leader Liberia needs. Common Sense tells me that the Leader Liberia needs is a man with Wisdom. All Great Leaders do not hold PhD(s). Instead, they have wisdom used to challenge, empower and encourage masses of their Countries. Alan Raughton, a Baptist Christian writer described leaders as positive risk takers, visionaries and individuals who see the future and make it happen. Great Leaders are not honored because of educational achievements. Great Leaders are honored for solving problems through the use of practical wisdom. George Manneh Oppong Weah is that leader. Weah is the change Liberia needs against tribalism and corruption to move forward. If you give him a change through your vote, He will change Liberia from a Fail State to a Prosperous Republic.

The first Common Sense fact to consider before casting a vote, according to Taiwan Gongloe is, "Whether the candidate you want to vote for was known to a large number of the Liberian people before the current electoral process began". I am sure most Liberians will agree that George Oppong Weah is the most popular figure in the whole of Liberia and the entire world. He is not just a sports figure. George Oppong Manneh Weah is a rich and famous Celebrity in Africa, Europe and the United States of America.

The second consideration, He continued is the stance of candidates on the issue of human suffering, arbitrary detentions and inhumane treatment. He said in effect, "Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.... The voter should also ask whether the candidate has for the past twenty five years ( since extending it to Tolbert Regime would be difficult for the majority of the candidates) said or done anything in the interest of the Liberian People". Oppong is young to be a part of some of those deposed Governments. However, considering the character of Mr. Weah, he was not going to promote rampant corruption as in the case of some of the current presidential Aspirants. As a true son of Liberia, he visited victims of the Civil Conflict, instead of helping to finance mass killings of his own people. Most Liberians also know that Oppong used his fortune in a honorable way. For instance, he clothed the naked, provided food for the hungry, and healed the sick by giving funds for treatment. He did what people of Christian Character are commanded to do and this makes him separate from the rest of the opportunist politicians who are claiming to be the most educated. He did not use his riches to finance the evil plans of Charles Taylor or use his knowledge of the law to assist with the abuse, misuse and consolidation of Taylor's power.

The noisy critics of George manneh Weah would like you to think that Many young people and soccer enthusiasts are the only supporters of Weah's Campaign. Tell them the statement is false. Mama Musa (Benedict Wesseh) and James Salinsa Derbah are some of the lovers of sports and friends of Weah and they are opposed to his run for president. In addition, they and other former team mates of Weah are the vocal critics and opponents of the Weah for president campaign.

Other Weah critics will say he is not capable of making independent decisions. Everyone with Common Sense knows such statement is up right lie. Weah is disciplined and he makes good decisions all the time. In fact, the decision Weah made to leave Liberia and travel to Cameroon for a soccer contract is a good example of some of the major decisions he has been making since his youth.

The supporters of George Oppong Weah are individuals who sincerely trust that he would make a difference as president of Liberia. Some of Oppong's supporters are from Nimba County and other parts of Western Liberia, while others are from Grand Gedeh and other parts of the Eastern Region. Some are very educated and yet others are illiterate. Weah's supporters are men, women and young people from all parts of Liberia and we are not link by tribal interest but love for Liberia. We do know that George Weah loves Liberia and he is our best chance against corruption and the misuse of our resources or Public Funds.

One of Weah's critics, Mr. Momolu Sirleaf, a sports writer published an article (George Weah is not the real deal) on the Website called Running Africa. In the article Sirleaf confessed that George Weah's first major test, in decision making came when he was in high school. According to him, two teams contacted Weah to offer him contract at the same time. One from the Ivory Coast and the other from Cameroon. Instead of making an emotional decision, Weah turned to two leading sports News Papers for advise. Eventhough each of the Papers defered in their opinions as to which Country he should sign contract with, George Weah analyzed the views of both sides and finally made the decision that changed his life for the good today.

Most Liberians are underestimating the potential of Mr. Weah and this is not a new phenomena. According to Mr. Momolu Sirleaf, " when Weah was recruited by the Invincible Eleven, little did people know that he would have been idolized this much. Late IE"s international coach, Mohammed Fernando Sithole, took a huge gamble with Weah to give him a try on the star-studded IE team. It was not conceivable that Weah, the lad from Gibraltar could ever replace then IE's fleet-foot right-winger Kia Jerbo". However, Sirleaf continued, "Weah accomplished what no other player may ever achieve,..". I want to appeal to all Liberians who have common sense to be like the late IE Coach who risked his reputation and career by giving Weah his first chance. Vote for George Manneh Oppong Weah on Elections Day. If you do, George Weah will make Liberia sweet again through hard work and self discipline and we will be proud and happy that Liberia's glory days have returned.