More Support For Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 7, 2005


Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
As Liberians prepare to elect a new leader at this crucial juncture of our political history, it is worth emphasizing how utterly important this decision is. Although this may seem as just a political decision, it actually encompasses the totality of our social, economic and political well-being. Our decision at the November 8 poll will determine whether or not Liberia will move from a system of corruption to one of accountability; from a culture that rewards ignorance and mediocrity to one that is founded on meritocracy. Our decision will verify whether or not Liberia will regain its rightful stature within the community of nations or will continue to be a regional joke and an international panhandler. This decision will determine whether or not our country will rise from economic destitution to national prosperity, from ignorance to enlightenment, from hate and vengeance to mutual love and true reconciliation, from selfishness, deceit and hypocrisy to true patriotism, from tribalism, nepotism and injustice to justice and equality. This will perhaps be the most important decision we will ever make in our political lives.

It is against this background that we the undersigned supporters of Liberty Party in the United States strong in our belief that Liberia comes first, cognizant of the far reaching effects of our decision, and fully aware of the strengths and limitations of the two remaining candidates, have decided to endorse the candidacy of Mrs Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for president of the Republic of Liberia independent of the party.

Not only is Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf more qualified through her academic preparedness and experience, but her plan for a new Liberia far outweighs that of her opponent. Her plan is clear, comprehensive, practical and in the best interest of our country and its people.

We therefore call on all well-meaning Liberians to support the candidacy of Mrs Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, as she now holds the keys to a better Liberia.

1. Theo Bettie---------Maryland
2. Saye Gbarlazeh----Maryland
3. John Lloyd---------Maryland
4. Zack Sharpe ------ Rhode Island
5. Tiah Nagbe ------- Rhode Island
6. Sarh Johnny ------ Rhode Island
7. Marlene King ---- Rhode Island
8. Joe Cooper---------Rhode Island
9. Melvin Howard----Rhode Island
10. Joe Mayson --------Minnesota
11. C. Wallace Smith--Minnesota
12. Milton Massaquoi-- Minnesota
13. Frank Nimbo ------New Jersey
14. Victor Smith-------New Jersey
15. T. M. Massaquoi—Pittsburg , PA
16. T. Titus Gboyah--- Philadelphia, PA
17. James King ----California