The Parties And Candidates Who Didn’t Make It Should Concede

By Bishop Bennie D. Warner
Former Vice President of Liberia(1977-1980)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 11, 2005


Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
NEC Official Results given on 11/10/05 at 8:00 pm
Number of votes
(90.8% of Precincts Reporting)
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
George Weah
I greet you in the name of the Great Arbiter of human events. The long awaited time has come when Liberians voted to elect openly, a leader for the 21st century Liberia. It is but right for all of us to support the declared winner and honor, respectfully the run-off election results. Never in recent history have Liberians had this opportunity for a “free and fair” election. The parties and candidates who didn’t make it should concede, get behind the declared winner and give all our support for a Liberia that has eluded us for the past 25 years.

The people have decided thus there is no need to file for anything. The will of the people have been expressed, like it or not. For the love of country, peace and harmony, let us honor the wishes of the people and put our energies together to rebuild, restore, reconstruct and rehabilitate the dignity, honor and respect of our sacred heritage. Too many people have lost their lives and there are thousands more in and out of Liberia who are suffering. Let us honor their prayers and desires for a peaceful, law and order state of affairs and bring their hopes and dreams to fruition.

Let us not prolong the Liberian suffering, sliding into the darkness of underdevelopment and poverty. We need to and HAVE to unite in order to recover the 25 years we have lost to SELF DESTRUCTION.

Love of country, peace and harmony are the driving forces that should motivate us: not greed. Good sportsmanship demands respecting the call of the referee, in this case, the National Election Commission and its announcement of the winner. Let us all in the spirit of unity, embrace the new leadership, put our hands together to build the new Liberia for ALL of us regardless of tribe, political affiliation, race or creed.

May God bless Liberia and us all!