An Appeal to Ambassador Weah to be Magnanimous and Concede Defeat

Issued By The National Communications and Strategy Committee UP (USA)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 11, 2005


George Weah
We wish to congratulate the candidates, the NEC and the Liberian people for conducting themselves in an appropriate and professional manner in service to the country and the democratic process during the November 8, 2005 run-off election.

We ask Mr. Weah to accept the decision that will be reached by the NEC. Mrs. Sirleaf has made it very clear that she will accept the results of the election and if she does not win will remain in the country to help in the rebuilding process. Such manifestation is in the true spirit of NATIONAL UNITY – Liberia first, Liberia last. And we ask Mr. Weah to show the same spirit of nationalism.

Mr. Weah in his own words stated “The world is saying this election was free and fair, which was not true.” We agreed with the former that the WORLD is saying that the election was free and fair, not the latter. As Mr. Weah is aware, the international observers’ oversight is to provide impartial and accurate assessment of the electoral process to Liberians and the international community. We join the UP Presidential candidate in appealing to Mr. Weah and his supporters to be gracious and concede; the Liberian people have spoken.

The unanimous consensus of the international observers cannot be overlooked that the election was “fair, free, peaceful, and transparent.” Prolonging this process has the potential of moving us along a slippery slope and Liberia cannot afford this after a long struggle to get us to where we are.

We are also appealing to the youths to accept the results of the November 8, 2005 election. Mrs. Sirleaf has assured that her government will prioritize youth programs that will empower them to acquire life skills that will improve their living standard. A Sirleaf’s government will include all Liberians, regardless of ethnic, political, social and economic background.

We will close by stating the appeal of Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf – “I hope that …Mr. Weah will see reason, will accept the result, which I believe reflects the choice of the Liberian people.”

David F. Williams
Chairman, National Communications and Strategy Committee

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