Criminal Charges Hang Over George Weah?

By Sonkarley T. Beaie

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 14, 2005


The news from Liberia after the November 8 run-off election between Weah and Sirleaf is very worrisome and I kindly ask Mr. Weah to give peace a chance by accepting the results which had been described as free, fair and transparent by observers.

I want to admonish Mr. Weah that the will of the people is the will of God, and that the whole world is watching him and his supporters. As you and your supporters have claimed, the law as well as the opponents too can equally charge you for criminality. How did you obtain those voting cards, which polling booths, who verify them, etc.? Is it not possible to charge you for counterfeiting the voting cards or bribing poll workers, since indeed your alleged voting irregularities didn’t derive from any particular polling booth for those allegedly pre-marked voting cards in favor of Ma Ellen to be registered by both political party and international observers, and poll workers? Liberia belongs to all of us. Don’t destroy it for any selfish motive and don’t prove yourself wrong when your friends had earlier said you can’t accept differences in opinion.

Another thing is why Mr. Weah’s Jamaican wife and children are not in Liberia to stand by him as his supporters saying he is the only unifier? What are his fears to keep his immediate family away? Considering Mr. Weah’s numerous limitations, did he anticipate violent imaging that he can’t win such democratic election? I strongly consider the actions of Mr. Weah and his supporters as cheap propaganda carefully planned and designed to discredit the transparent electoral process and further cause instability in the country and must be condemned by all peace loving citizens of Liberia.

The supporters of Mr. Weah must know that he holds other citizenship titles and has the money and may fly out of Liberia any time to their disadvantages in case of instability. Consequently, you will be the victims as it had been in the previous conflicts when Taylor abandoned thousands of his child fighters and went to exile.

Finally, one political defeat is not enough to discourage any good politician from politics. Some recorded world leaders unsuccessfully went on the poll many times before finally proclaiming victory. You are young and still have the opportunity to contest another election if you remain calm and honestly abide by the will of the people which had been demonstrated on the poll on November 8.

May God richly bless and save the state.