“Putting Liberia First - An Appeal To Ambassador Weah”

BY Dr. Coker A. J. George, JR., DMin., MDiv., MS, BS.


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 14, 2005


On one of our several meetings with President Tolbert, he said: “Mr. George, I told Mrs. Tolbert, that beside God, nothing comes before Liberia. He continued, I put Liberia first in all that I do. It was on the occasion when the Minister of Agriculture had requested that I be relieved from serving as General Manager of his Wiloria Estate in Bellefana, Bong County in order to pursue graduate studies in Soil Science. Dr. Tolbert asked me, “Mr. George, what do you have to say?” In reply, I said, “Mr. President, I accept the offer of the Minister, and your willingness to relieve, because upon my return from study, I will be of service to the nation, not an individual”. It was not an easy decision for Mr. President. I was just 25 years old, and within 2 ½ years as manager of his estate, the productivity of farm had improved because of the management strategies implored. Although young, but I possessed the requisite training, skills and potentials, and with God guidance, I was able to accomplish the tasks set before when I assumed that responsibility as General Farm Manager.

Amb Weah do believe the President of Liberia “Putting Liberia First”, even above his wife? This decision is not strange and new to you. You too on several occasions have “Put Liberia First” in your decision-making. Unlike other Liberians who ran away with their ill-achieved gains, you of all persons when the “going was rough” took your hard earned resources in investing in the LONE STAR, and even establishing the “JR PROFESSIONALS. As the result of your love for country, not just the sport, the LONE STAR reached an enviable position in football, never in the history of football in Liberia.

Several of our fellow Liberians join us in appealing to you to again, “To Put Liberia First”. For the sake of our beloved country and its people, we are appealing to you to exercise discipline, a virtue that has form a part of your personality, and accept the result of the Presidential election. We know it is your constitutional right to appeal where you suspected fraud during the election. However, what is right, is not always expedient. Look what happened the other day! Despite your appeal for calm, people claiming to be your supporters took to the streets, staging a demonstration that the Justice Minister termed illegal. That was not in your favor. Thanks be to God, no one died.

Amb Weah, in appealing to you to “Put Liberia First”, we congratulate you for mobilizing the grassroots, enabling them to exercise their franchise. To most persons, you came in as “the underdog”, but look how close you came to becoming #1. Of course, you know what it means to become #1. It took hard work, and discipline, coupled with the votes of the football electorates to vote you as “WORLD BEST FOOTBALLER. In the case of Liberia, the people have clearly spoken. In a political race like the game of football, there has to be a winner. We know you went in to win, but the other team has won, and like the good sportsman you are, accept the result of the election, concede defeat, and congratulate the winner. Do it for Liberia.

In closing Mr. Amb, we appeal to you to not be like the cow that milked a bucket of milk, and before the owner of the barn could come a see it, the cow kicked the bucket over, wasting the bucket of milk. Don’t “hang your boots up!” Your potentials in this new arena have been identified, but like football, they have to be developed. Do not give up. You have begun a good thing. We appeal to you to accept the offer, if extended to you, to join the government of national unity Madam Sirleaf speaks about. We are confident that with your personality, and international contacts, you can develop the Youth and Sports program in Liberia to become second to none in Africa, if not the world. Remember that this is not the last game, the race is still ahead. “Put Liberia First”. Do not listen to failed, greedy, and selfish politicians who are seeking personal gains, and glorification. May God bless You!

Long live Liberia, happy land. A home of glorious liberty by God’s command!