Please Do The Honorable Thing, Weah


By Wellington Newton


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 16, 2005


I am adding my voice to the many calls for George Weah and his supporters to concede in the interest of peace. This is the right and honorable thing to do.

Weah and his supporters did not complain during the first round when they led. Virtually all the opposition (including the reluctant Brumskine) accepted the results. Now, the same Elections Commission which was praised highly by the international and national elections observers is being vilified.

The Elections Commission is made out of a lot of good character people. Let me mention here that the co-chair, Fromoyan, is my college political party executive. I served as vice president, UL Student government (1978 with Conmany Wesseh). Fromoyan will never engage in unscrupulous acts. I know the man. The Chair, Frances and I went to college together. Although she was not as active in politics then, she has grown to be perhaps one of Liberia’s most astute and principled leaders. She has matured considerably and has handled the job well. Everybody, including neutral observers, has commended her for handling of the elections. I salute their efforts, sincerely.

Then, there is Ma Mary Brownell. It’s been a long time since I saw her, but she is, like her Father, Nete-Sie Brownell, a principled woman. She served well as an education administrator and modeled many young disadvantaged pupils. I remember, the many times my friend, Alexander Ireland, and myself, frequented her home while I was in high school, enjoying almost daily meals from her pot. She’s an honest woman. Incidentally, her son, Boikai, and I are neighbors.

I cannot speak about Ms. Boyenneh, Mr. Weedor, Mr. Sackor and Mr. Chelly. I do not know Ms. Boryonnoh at all; neither do I remember Weedor. Chelly, I dealt with as controller of the National Housing Authority, when he served as a security contractor. Ours was purely business.

Weah should not be misled by the so-called educated people around him. These people are only hanging around for their own selfish reasons. Does it make sense for people who placed high premium on education and experience over the years to join Weah? The voters are quite aware of these losers (Tubman, Kromah, Tipoteh, Matthews, and all), that’s why they did not vote for them. George Weah, you are young and you can use your time and financial resources to prepare for the next elections by engaging in positive, visible activities while concurrently improving yourself academically and otherwise.

In conclusion, I like to commend Peter A. Davis for his recent brilliant article, (The Perspective) referring to when Al Gore made his concession to Bush, five years ago, in the interest of peace and love for country. Although Gore and many others felt that there were irregularities, there was no war, looting or fighting in the streets. People accepted the situation calmly. Let’s keep it that way.

About the Author: Wellington Newton, MBA, CMA, CPA, is a former Assist. Professor of Accounting, UL, and served as controller for NHA ,LPMC and NARDA. He presently resides in the Washington, DC area and is Chief of Finance & Accounting of a non-profit organization helping disadvantaged youths find gainful employment.