A Friendly Rebuttal to: “Which Way Perspective: Open or Close Society”

By Theodore T. Hodge

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 24, 2006


I generally do not respond to other writers who react to my articles. I usually write highly opinionated pieces, though I take precaution to be as balanced and objective as I can be. There are those who generally agree and those who disagree with me occasionally. Since I make no claims to infallibility, I respect the fact that each is entitled to his/her opinion. I consider myself a fair target because I take the risk of inviting public scrutiny.

However, a recent article was brought to my attention. The author seemed to acrimoniously disagree with me. However, he went a step further; he falsely accused me of collecting money to write biased pieces under the pretense of being objective. I would have dismissed the matter until I realized that this gentleman is an aspiring lawyer. Simply put, he should know right from wrong; he should know better.

In his recent article, “Which Way Perspective: Open or Close Society. The writer of the article, S. Herron Gbidi, took the liberty to write rather lengthily; unfortunately, most of what he wrote has nothing to do with me. I, therefore, have no intention of responding to all the points raised. Though his article makes an interesting read, most of it is irrelevant to my last article to which the author claims to respond.

Mr. Gbidi claims to be a student at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law. I tip my hat off to him, I must commend him; it is a prestigious institute. But as a citizen interested in the law, though I’m only a layman, I must remind him of one of the fundamental truisms of law: Everyman is entitled to equal treatment under the law. He most egregiously violated this basic principle. This is what he wrote:

“Such is the case with the current wave of proxy propaganda warfare and malicious attacks against Liberia’s renown human rights activist, Aloysius Toe, by Messrs George H. Nubo and Theodore Hodge – two of Harry Greaves and President Johnson-Sirleaf’s paid writers at the Perspective Website”.

Mr. Gbidi carelessly plastered a serious allegation here without bothering to supply any truth. Here I must address him directly: Am I really within the employ of the aforementioned? Did you examine a valid and authentic contract signed mutually among us? What are the terms of my contract? Do I work on a regular salary or do I get paid piecemeal? Could you produce any proof to substantiate this claim? The short and simple answer is, no. You see, sir, you have lied publicly, even when there is no need to so. The only thing that is left to consider is whether you lied innocently because you don’t understand this simple matter of making reckless claims or whether you lied with malice aforethought. The latter seems to be the case, and here’s why. You wrote:

“Nubo claims that Toe receives money from UNMIL and Amnesty International. As a matter of policy, Toe or FOHRD do not take money from UNMIL and UNDP. Let Nubo prove that FOHRD or Toe has ever received a cent from UNMIL either directly or through a third party. What and where is your evidence and proof, Nubo? Toe or FOHRD is not receiving any money from Amnesty International. We challenge you to disprove this fact. Make your proof public, George Nubo.”

Mr. S. Herron Gbidi, it is quite mind boggling that you could lay yourself bare to such carelessness when you took such pain to build what in your mind was an airtight case. Sir, how could you examine such similar allegations using completely different yardsticks, thereby drawing such distinct conclusions? I know you are not a lawyer yet, but you hope to make a fine lawyer one day. Let me caution you, sir, as you prepare to enter the real world, do not jeopardize or injure your reputation so foolishly. Your reputation shall precede you.

Sir, I am no distinguished lawyer, neither am I a famous human rights activist. I lay no claim to fame in anyway. I am simply Citizen Joe Q. Public. But under the law, (both in the United States and Liberia) we are all equal. This means the same standard of measurement is applicable and required under the law. Sir, please rethink your position. Do you think you have a right to accuse me of accepting money from folks for any intended purpose without showing proof, but demand that nobody can make a similar accusation against Mr. Toe unless he shows proof?

Mr. Gbidi, in the name of fairness, I demand that you withdraw the allegation against me. I categorically deny ever working for Director Harry Greaves or President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in any capacity. Ever. If you have any evidence or proof to contradict what I’ve just publicly stated, I demand that you produce such evidence publicly. Being a student of law at such a reputable law school, what I put forth is simple. In the interest of fairness, you should understand that Mr. Toe and I are entitled to the same line of defense because we are entitled to equal treatment under the law. You have the right to demand proof from Mr. George Nubo, but I also demand the same proof from you. If you should fail to produce any evidence to corroborate your statement, I hereby demand a retraction and an immediate apology publicized in this same medium.

Thank you and good luck in your studies and your noble ambition and aspirations.

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