Cherokee Jeeps Changing Hands, Plates, As Several Lawmakers NTGL Officials Linked


By Josephus Moses Gray
Monrovia, Liberia


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
December 13, 2005


An on-going in-depth investigation conducted by The Perspective in Monrovia has revealed that certain lawmakers have either sold their government assigned Grand Cherokee Jeeps or exchanged same for other cars without reference to the Plenary. The Plenary is the highest decision-making body of National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA).

The findings were corroborated by accounts of some top legislators who hinted that certain members of the NTLA spent negligible amount of money to service their vehicles but are claiming re-fund as a pre-conditions to hand them over for use by incoming legislators pursuant to an Executive Mansion directive to the General Services Agency (GSA) that all government’s properties including vehicles will be systematically retrieved for use by the Sirleaf-led administration as a way of cutting down huge spending on cars for official use.

Although not independently confirmed, Capitol Building sources revealed that assembly members like Joseph Cornomia, Nelson Wah Francis Garlawolu, among others have not being seen with their Grand Cherokees from the inception of the NTGL.

When controversy erupted at the NTLA at its embryonic stage when Lawmakers Sando Johnson and James Momo were accused by colleagues of buying ambulances instead of buses to convey employees of the Capitol Building to work colleagues raised alarm that certain Legislators were not seen with their assigned Cherokees thereby raising serious suspicion among NTLA members at the time.

Since then Cornornia, Nelson Wah Bah and others are seen riding private cars rather than their assigned Cherokees.

It is not known as to what would become of those legislators who have allegedly sold or exchanged their Cherokees with other cars. Investigation continues.