George O. Weah – Rebel Financier or Peace loving Patriot?


By Steve Adams


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
December 19, 2005


Since the end of the November 8 run-off election, I like many others have followed closely charges made by the CDC party of alleged fraud in the electoral process. Like many others, I was sympathetic to the charges and wanted to see all of the legal processes through. I had hoped that after all of the appeals were exhausted, that the CDC would have accepted the verdict of the World and, of course, the authorities that supervised the elections – especially considering the characterization of the CDC standard bearer as a patriot and very peace loving. After all Mr. Weah’s CDC just didn’t lose the election, his opponent handed him a landslide. In the Liberian foot ball vernacular, she took the “air” out of the ball. A 20 percent margin in any election as scrutinized as Liberia’s last election is indeed telling.

The world, I believe, is in a state of shock to see the one-time “U.N Youth Good Will Ambassador” inciting young disenfranchised youth into senseless violence. His recent pronouncement, naming himself President of Liberia, invoking voodoo logic is a disgrace. Mr. Weah either lacks any reasonable deductive ability or is being misled by people who do not have Liberia at heart. The rampage of a few days ago on instruction from CDC bosses, which led to the destruction of many UN vehicles and the wounding of several peace officers, and yet again the exploitation of Liberia’s most precious Jewels, the youth, expose the true Ambassador Weah - the 9th grade dropout turned football star of AC Milan.

In the final analysis, it has become clear that Mr. George Opong Weah is neither a patriot nor peace loving. He is, instead, a megalomaniac in the making, an architect of death and destruction through his alleged financing of the feared criminal gang (MODEL). He is yet again poised to incite more carnage on the people of Liberia through his surrogates of marauding hoards of illiterate and drugged children.

As the days go by, Mr. Weah becomes bolder; and if his treasonable acts are not put in check by a strong statement from the Interim Government and the United Nation Peace keeping force, the beacon of hope now sounding in Liberia could very well become a sea of anarchy bloated with corpses and starving people. What manner of a man would wish that on such a destitute and traumatized population?

Clearly the Gods must have heard the prayers of the multitude of deprived, repressed and disposessed, as Mr. Weah and his CDC have, and continue to exhibit, unparalleled contempt for the people of Liberia. The contempt is a sure sign that the so-called peace loving George Weah is a shallow megalomaniac that was poised to unleash a tyrannical rule of suppression and intolerance if he was elected.

Without a doubt, the Liberian people have made a choice of good over evil this time. We must now more than ever work to insure that the newly elected president is given all of the support necessary to build on the fragile peace in our country. We must work to turn the beacon of hope into a constellation of shining stars - stars so bright that wolves and leopards will never be able to hide in our midst again bringing death and destruction to our people.

About the Author: The Author, Steve Adams, is an IT/Telecommunication expert. He currently Serve as an International Consultant with the Wabash Corporation, in the US and Consults in the IT space in the Republic of South Africa. He is a former Executive of IBM and Unisys Corporation. Steve is a social activist who has written extensively on the corrupt activities of the failed system in Liberia. Steve can be reached at or at +231-77221128