Ethics, Morality And Ellen’s Cabinet

By Ramses K Nah

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
February 22, 2007


It is preposterous and even idiotic for some Liberians to entertain the inclination or thought that Willis Knuckles actions as depicted in the compromising photo circulating the internet, as either a Villain or Victim. Advocating this train of thought is analogous to saying a thief who robs a bank is a good guy, as long as he does not get caught on camera. Should the thief be caught on camera and exposed to the general public, the bank should be blamed for exposing the picture of the thief picture and it is the FAULT of the bank for the thief robbing the bank?

Ridiculous! Absurd! Stupefying! Insulting!

Why is it that we Liberians are blaming those who exposed the picture? The question here is whether Willis Knuckles behavior is appropriate, where men of Power and Privilege use their positions and stature in the society to prey upon and exploit women and children for their deprived self interest.

The fact that Willis Knuckles has been exposed should be highly welcomed in our society, as it sets a standard and put Liberian men and women of power and stature on notice, not to abuse their office.

If it is criminal to release and expose such a photo to the public, let Willis Knuckles go after those whom he alleges, Edwin Snowe and Mardea White in the court of Law to seek redress. However, Snowe and his wife or no one else should be blame for the “Act” in which Willis Knuckles finds himself in the photo.

Where is a society without Morals and Ethics? A prelude to lawlessness and chaos!

The President of the Republic, who so much espouse to be an advocate of women’s rights and protection, has been disgracefully been silent on this grave issue. Willis Knuckles must GO, NOW! He is the poster child for male Liberian government officials using their high offices to exploit and abuse the women. The time for “Godpa” is OVER!

The silence of the President of the Republic, not calling for the resignation or out right firing of her Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, is an AFFRONT to the women of Liberia and all women in general. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf must act Now and Decisively!
This President becomes surreptitiously inept, when matters of values, moral or ethics raises its head in her cabinet.

What good is a President who fronts as the “Goodie Two Shoes Girl” whom all adore and admire, when deep down she supports and uphold, sick and destructive behavior in the society? Madame President, the Liberian people time and taxes are being wasted by you, on your silence and Willis Knuckles despicable act. The Moral High ground starts in your office.

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