Snowes Breaks Silence


A Letter From Edwin and Mydea Snowe

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
February 23, 2007


While we categorically deny any involvement whatsoever in this matter concerning the dissemination of the photo or the “attempted blackmailing” of Mr. Willis Knuckles, we would like to take this time to make two things clear:

First, we regret that our name is being linked to such low standards, unbecoming of who we are and whom our family, friends and well wishers have known and come to respect. Our silence regarding this matter thus far remains primarily in keeping with the respect and honor we have for the Liberian People. There must be someone who will refrain from the continuous degrading of our society by exhibiting restraint and not responding to repeated and exacerbated lies and cheap small talk.

Lastly, we express profound sadness that our nation is going thru this trying time as a result of the publication of such a photograph but it points to the work that we all must do to ensure that our society will build a framework of higher standards for each citizen.

We welcome any investigation into this matter for we are confident that our names will be cleared. Until that time we will reserve all further comments on this issue. We say thanks to our family, friends and well-wishers for their support and prayers. God will judge us all.

Edwin & Mydea Snowe

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