Who Is Next?

A Letter

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
March 1, 2007


Dear Mr Editor:

I want to thank Mr. Theodore Hodge for taking a very balanced view of the whole Knuckles saga. Yes indeed Pastor Martin Niemoller's poem speaks to all of us and we should beware! Today, we 'attempted' to blackmail Knuckles even though we want to “on the side of the law”, invaded his privacy, crucified him, and still want to see more of his blood. Ay men! Who's next???

My fellow Liberians, we continue to move around as a nation of predominately 'short sighted' people and refuse to get lenses to check our short sightedness. Some one said the other day when the saga was quite hot that yes indeed Liberia is developing! Is this a mark of development?

Have we stopped to think about who could be next, is this how we want to see the nation develop and heal wounds? Have we stopped to consider the social and legal ramifications and long term effect of this situation on us as a nation? Are we aware that if we do not put a check to such happenings, we will not be able to close this 'Pandora’s box' that we have opened? We should remember that we ALL have a skeleton or skeletons in our closets, be they private or public skeletons, thus in our interactions with one another we should be mindful of this and accord each other the required courtesies.

Today it's Knuckles, tomorrow it could be YOU or ME! Let Pastor Martin Niemoller's poem be our guide in our struggle to rebuild this nation and ensure the respect for law and order and individual human rights!!!!!
I'll say thanks again to Mr. Hodge for making the call for us to 'think about it'.

"Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us" - Thomas Paine


M. Sietta S. Crayton
ELWA Community, Paynesville

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