Further Logistic Support Arrives In Freetown
December 6, 2000

According to reports e-mailed to The Perspective, "the British Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship (RFA) SIR BEDIVERE arrived in Freetown [over the weekend] as a further contribution to the UKs military presence in Sierra Leone. RFA SIR BEDIVERE has arrived direct from Britain to offload vehicles, ammunition and engineering equipment for the British Forces in Sierra Leone. The logistic vessel will be in Freetown for a short time and will be replaced by RFA SIR GALAHAD in a few weeks.

"The British type 42 destroyer, HMS LIVERPOOL, is also due to arrive in Freetown this week."

Meanwhile, "ten Canadian Soldiers arrived in Sierra Leone earlier [last] week. They are the first international troops to join the International Military Advisory and Training Team (IMATT) and will be responsible for a variety of areas including infantry training at Newton as well as training and development, logistics and administration at Defence Headquarters. It is hoped that they will be joined by representatives from other international countries in the near future."