Brumskine's Movement Launched in D.C.

By Musue N. Haddad
Washington, D.C

The Perspective

October 10, 2001

Preparation for participation in Liberia's 2003 elections is evidently progressing with the launching of the Charles Brumskine Movement on October 6, 2001, in Washington, D.C.

The launching, " The dawn of a new day in Liberia" was organized by the Coalition to Rebuild Liberia and Friends of Charles Brumskine. Counselor Charles Brumskine presently in exile served as Senate President Pro Tempore of the Taylor's government from 1997-1999 until he fled the country after he fell off with President Charles Taylor and his government.

In their separate statements, both the Coalition to Rebuild Liberia and Friends of Charles Brumskine shared Brumskine's vision of Liberia where elected officials are accountable to the people, human rights is respected and where the military and paramilitary officers will protect the people and uphold the laws of the land.

The Coalition to Rebuild Liberia is an organization geared towards effecting political change in Liberia through Constitutional means, while "Friends of Charles Brumskine" share with Counselor Brumskine the vision of a democratic and free Liberia.

The chair of Friends of Charles Brumskine, Debar Allen said the establishment of the organization is a result of the leadership qualities they see in Cllr. Brumskine. "We see in Mr. Brumskine what the people of Grand Bassa County saw when they call on him to represent them in the first branch of the government a few years ago, something the rest of Liberia has grown to love and appreciate. His first order of the day was to instill in his colleagues a strong sense of responsibility towards the people".

Debar Allen said Cllr. Brumskine's values for equity, responsibility to the people, respect for the constitution is among reasons why his group was establish to serve as support for those virtues and endorse him (Brumskine) to "lead the battle for the renewal and rebirth of Liberia".

The Coalition to Rebuild Liberia Chairperson, Jah Fahnbulleh, said that his organization supports Brumskine's political aspiration because the former Senator has not wavered in seeking to restore dignity to his people and country in spite the challenges he faced while serving in the Charles Taylor's government in Liberia. "The Coalition to Rebuild Liberia sees in Brumskine the leadership qualities that guards against failures that have led the country to anarchy and reshape the moral foundations upon which the country was built", Jah Fahnbulleh pointed out.

In his response, Counselor Brumskine noted that the hopes and aspirations for a better nation is achievable because Liberians can have the opportunity to carve a new place for its people in the 2003 elections.

"I am aware of longstanding commitments to friends and parties, or a preference for a particular personality, but it is most important that the person who shares your values be able to defeat Mr. Taylor in the next election. For that is the only hope for a lasting change.

" About two years from now, Liberians may have an opportunity to elect a new group of leaders and to carve out a new place for our people among the peoples of the world; we have a government in Monrovia that is either unable or unwilling to lead our people out of misery in which we find ourselves Liberians in the United States cannot be mere bystanders".

Brumskine acknowledged that there are times when it is tempting to believe that Liberia's case is hopeless. He challenged Liberians that individually they have succeeded in exile, they can find the collective will to make a greater and positive impact on their country.

"As much as we disagree with the current leadership of our country, and we should, we must reach out to our people-they too have a story to be told and dream to live; together we will work to bring about the realization - LIBERIA- a place we can all be proud to call home" Brumskine stressed.

He urged Liberians in the U.S and other parts of the world not to allow nightmares of the past to prevent them from contributing to the rebuilding of their country.

He believes that holding tight to memories of the horrors of the past and the bitterness of the prevailing devastating poverty and human sufferings will allow bitterness to structure our relationship and fear to determine the fate and destiny of the country.

"Our vision is about the realization of a new and better Liberia for all. A nation based upon the rule of law, with a sense of commitment from each, and the integrity of all. A government formed upon the constitutional premise that all Liberians are equal, that each and everyone of us is endowed with the same natural, inherent and inalienable rights, regardless of our ethnic background, religion, gender, or political affiliation. For these are rights that come not from the generosity of man, but from the hand of God," Brumskine said.

Brumskine encouraged Liberians to participate in the rebuilding of their country so that the next generation can stand with pride - realizing that with commitment and endurance this generation's visions materialized.

The launching of the Charles Brumskine Movement brought together Liberians and friends of Liberia from different parts of the United States.

A cross section of those who attendrd the ceremony admitted that unless Liberians put aside their individual differences and the gruesome memories of the war and present day horrors, their contribution towards the rebirth of Liberia will be distorted.

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