In "Christendom: The Destruction of Edenic Values", Dr. Somah refutes the prevailing belief that European missionaries went to Africa (Eden) to spread the message of God. He explains how the missionaries propagated their concept of God and ignored the African (Edenic) concept of spirituality and preached alien deity. It is a step-by-step description of the overseas missionary work, the methodical destruction of African (Edenic) tradition, culture, and belief system. It also suggests what must be done to liberate blacks to their spirituality.

Stunning in scope and profound in wisdom, "Christendom: The Destruction of Edenic Values" is an important account of how over 500 years people of African origin have allowed other people to think their thought, write about them, speak for them and define who they are.

Dr. Syrulwa L. Somah is a Visiting Lecturer of Sociology/Anthropology at Guilford College, Greensboro, North Carolina. He is the author of Historical Settlement of Liberia and Its Environmental Impact. He has also written on African religious, political, and environmental issues. Dr. Somah is a native of the Republic of Liberia.

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