Opposition leaders in Taylor’s Ring of Corruption?

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 28, 2003

Elie E. Saleeby, Chairman
It is common knowledge that Charles G. Taylor was corrupt. Corruption is however a system, that involves many others.

The Perspective, along with Chairman Gyude Bryant, UN Special representative in Liberia Jacques Klein and other publications received some documents that throw some light on how the meager resources of the nation were distributed among a few people. Readers would read for example that the Chairman of the Central Bank of Liberia took home some US$13,000.00 (Thirteen Thousand US dollars a month). Readers will also learn that each board members, among them Dr. Charles Clark, Chairman of the Unity Party (UP) and Dr. Willie Belleh, Chief of Staff and Director of Cabinet of Chairman Gyude Bryant and a leader of Liberian Action Party (LAP) received $20,000 (Twenty Thousand US dollars) as members of the Board. According to the rules established by the Board in 1999, a member is entitled to receive as much as US$45,000 upon leaving the board. Between March and May of this year, Hilary Dennis, who left the Board was paid US$45,000 as severance pay.

Current members of the Board include: Elie E. Saleeby (Chairman), Willie Belleh, Jr., Charles A. Clarke, Charles A. Greene, and former Finance Minister Nathaniel Barnes (Nathaniel Barnes replaced Hillary A. Dennis.)

Maybe now one can understand why some members of the opposition always remained silent no matter what Mr. Taylor did, because they also benefited from his regime. The Central Bank is just one case and we have no doubt that many other cases exist and we hope Liberians would come forward with any information such as this one, so that corrupt practices may be unveiled once and for all. 2005 is just around the corner; let’s try to put in a team of clean men and women….

How anyone can pay salaries that high in the poorest country in the world defies imagination. But again, Mr. Taylor was a billionaire and could buy anyone he wanted….

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