Why is Chairman Bryant so Impervious to Advice?

By A. Sayku Kromah


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

December 24, 2003

Gyude Bryant
Mr. James Kollie's article "Above All Else, Jobs - Especially GOL jobs!!" is about the "War for Jobs" that forms the root cause of the Liberian vicious cycle of killings. Mr. Kollie's words will fall on deaf ears (like most of us). Ours is a society where rogues are honored, flamboyancy takes precedence over substance, and mediocrity thrives.

The Honorable Gyude Bryant's total silence on these grave ills in our society reminds me of an Indian poem that was quoted by an Indian Minister, Arif Mohamed Khan, in his letter of resignation to then Prime Minister Rajif Ghandi. I will attempt to quote it partly:

"Why was the caravan looted?
Do not ask me why the caravan was looted.
The caravan was looted, because the Charioteer was in league with the thieves."

I ask again why is Chairman Bryant so impervious to advice or to even get rid of the people that he himself has appointed such as "Ambassador" Fred Bass, Advisor on International Affairs? A man whose only claim to fame is that he indiscriminately sold Liberian ranking passports to international criminals? Even against the massive evidence against the Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia tantamount to deliberate fraud? How about Mr. Bryant's Chief of Staff, Willie Belleh, Jr., who was not only aware of the fraud at Central Bank, but actively participated in the process?

Questions! Questions, and more questions. The only answer that comes to my mind is that Chairman Gyude Bryant himself is most likely part and parcel of the stealing that is going on. The warlords have something that they are holding over Mr. Bryant's head.

Maybe somebody should really investigate how many equipment were actually delivered by Chairman Bryant to the Free Port of Monrovia for which payment was received by him. Is it also true that the current residence of Mr. is a gift from Mr. Elie Saleeby, the Governor of the Central Bank? If the Chairman is being held hostage by his own bones in the closet, then the Chairman and the Warlords are really on the same page, and his elections was no accident but part of the grand plan to continue the looting of the treasury.

Finally, I do not know Mr. Bryant very well, but suffice it to say that anybody who will claim neutrality in the face of horrendous suffering of his own people does not command nor does he deserve much respect from well meaning, and decent Liberians.

Thanks again Mr. Kollie, but Chairman Bryant and the Warlords have the same INTEREST, one palm greasing the other! What can we expect from such a man?