Do You Reprint Anything and Everything as Long as it Seems Tantalizing?

By Margaret N. Kromah


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

December 26, 2003

Mr. Editor:

Do you reprint anything and everything as long as it seems tantalizing? The article about Mr. Ranney B. Jackson, Sr. and Mr. Mohammed S. Kromah seem(sic) like something straight out of a gossip column, if I ever saw one.

Which of the sitting ULAA officials said they were shocked that both Mr. Jackson and Mr. kromah are in the NTGL? We all read on the ULAA list serve about Mr. Jackson's resignation a while back, and as for Mr. Kromah, he held a public ULAA meeting in Philadelphia on November 15, 2003 where he gave his state of the union address and then publicly resigned. He even told everyone present that he was accepting a position with the NTGL. So which of the sitting officials was absent and is now "shocked"? I recall seeing each and everyone of them present at that meeting in
Philadelphia and it was also video taped.Whoever wasn't present at the meeting also must have had a chapter representative present; the list serve carried it the following week also. Mr. Kromah wanted to face all of us to tell us he was moving on. He didn't want anyone suggesting that he asked for membership votes in person for the ULAA presidency, but resigned in absentia. He accomplished a lot for ULAA and he wants to do the same for the country we all claim to love so much. What is wrong with that, I ask you!!

Please try not to be so anxious to print the negatives always. We all would love to read of people's accomplishments every now and then. I could tell you of a few of Mr. Kromah's with ULAA.

You know, there are various types of killing, and you people practice one type with your poisoned pens.!!

Margaret N. Kromah, D.D.S.,MPH

Editor's Comment:

Dear Mrs. Kromah,

Thanks for contacting The Perspective. We do not comment on every letter sent to the Editor, but yours, like few others, cannot go without a comment in an effort to set the record straight. The article in question was published by The Inquirer newspaper in Monrovia and sent to us for distribution on the Internet as we do to several other articles sent by the same paper. The Inquirer’s right to publish the article is guaranteed by Article 15 of the Liberian constitution, while our right to publish their articles is covered by the guarantees of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. We opted to make the clarification, in order to clear any doubt or perception that any other person may have regarding our right to distribute news contents from The Inquirer. Should you have any problem with the article, we advise you to contact The Inquirer in Monrovia and we have no doubt, your husband, Mr. Kromah can find them.

More importantly, please be reminded that we at The Perspective are not killers. The killers are the various factional fighters who waged a destructive war against defenseless Liberians. We don’t have to brag about our love for Liberia – our record speaks for itself.

Have a good day.

G.H. Nubo, Managing Editor

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