ULAA Decries Unfolding Events in Monrovia

(Press Release)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

December 11, 2003


The Union of Liberian Association in the Americas, ULAA is deeply saddened by the unfolding events in Liberia that have threatened few months of relative stability since the signing of the Peace Accord on August 18th 2003 in Accra, Ghana by all parties to the Liberian conflict.

It may be recalled, on December 3rd 2003, LURD, MODEL and GOL walked out of the disarmament meeting in fierce protest for jobs allotments. Such precondition strictly contravenes Article VI of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed by the belligerent groups and Liberian Political Parties. Recommitment by the warring factions to have resumed the disarmament meeting few days ago was embraced. However, the latest escalation of events resulting to rioting, looting, seizing of properties and disorderly conduct is a vivid reminder of the dark days of the 14 years of carnage, which could very well obliterate or undermine the entire Peace Accord.

The Union unequivocally, in its strongest terms condemned such action and appeals to the leadership of GOL, LURD and MODEL to seek immediate resolution to the conflict and halt the looting, rioting, seizing of properties and unconditionally end the disruption and allow the disarmament process to continue without impunity. Our people have suffered too long; we cannot revert to the tragedy of the past. Let's not disappoint the International Community as it extends helping hands to our Country so destitute. Remember, they are there on the behalf of all Liberians. Let's not loss sight of this great opportunity to save our people and country once and for all. Those who have chosen to perpetuate this destructive path of human lives and properties will be held responsible.

The Union expresses sincere gratitude to UN Mission, AU, ECOWAS, EU and other members of the International Community for the enormous sacrifices and supports they continue to demonstrate.

The tranquility and well being of the Liberian people, home and abroad, has been the hallmark of advocacy for this great UNION and its resolve cannot be compromised in such an endeavor.

The UNION therefore encourages all parties to honor their respective responsibilities under the Comprehensive Peace Accord effective immediately.

May God continue to bless the REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA.


Roberta P. Davies-Rashid (Mrs.)
National President
Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas, ULAA