Demonstration For Peace, Justice and Democracy
In Sierra Leone and Liberia

Liberians and other West Africans from various parts of the United States are in Washington today (June 24, 2000) for a demonstration for "peace, justice, and democracy in Sierra Leone and Liberia." Liberia, the first Republic in Africa and the 2nd Black independent nation (2nd to Haiti), was to become the beacon of hope for the then dark African continent. But instead of being the model for democracy and development, for about 140 years the country's Americo-Liberian elite (freed slaves from the U.S.) subjected the African Liberians to inhumane treatment. President Charles Taylor has decided to extend the terrors started by the Americo-Liberian oligarchy to the rest of the West African sub-region ­ Sierra Leone being his first casualty. Instead of exporting high tech, Liberia is now exporting high terrors. Rebels are being trained in Liberia to overthrow the governments of Guinea and Ivory Coast.

According to the organizers of the demonstration, "The objective of the civil war in Liberia was to deliver Liberians from fear to freedom, from poverty to self-sufficiency, and from dictatorship to democracy. But in reality, the war has been a smokescreen for greed, corruption and naked political power.

Three years after we elected Mr. Charles Taylor as president, our people continue to suffer the consequences of human rights abuses, increased armed robberies, lack of safe drinking water, abuse of freedom of the press, lack of adequate housing, unstable relations with neighbors, extra-judicial killings, no electricity, looting of our natural resources, lack of free movement and speech, no accountability and transparency, lack of trust in the comity of nations...

This demonstration will also raise its voice against the involvement of the NPP-led government's support of rebel activities in neighboring countries, especially the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) of Foday Sankoh in Sierra Leone."

Among other things, the demonstrators will call for:

The disarmament of RUF rebels in Sierra Leone
War crimes tribunal against Taylor, Sankoh and their stooges
The cessation of looting of the natural resources of Liberia and Sierra Leone
The Beefing up of UN and ECOMOG peacekeepers
Humanitarian aid for Sierra Leone's war victims
The exposure of African-Americans who knowingly support African killers and thieves.

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