Elections MODEL and War MODEL

(A Press Statement Issued by The Movement for Democracy and Elections in Liberia (MODEL))

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 11, 2003

MONROVIA, LIBERIA April 9, 2003 (MODEL) -- The Movement for Democracy and Elections in Liberia (MODEL) says it deploys the continued Balkanization of the Liberian state by elements who prefer brute force and violence to solve national problems. MODEL observes that there exists a conspicuous conspiracy amongst a few Liberians who acquire catches of war-like materials as a means to trust their way to political power, plunder the natural resources of Liberia and torment the silent majority.

A MODEL release says the unending fratricidal war between government forces and the Liberian United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), coupled with the emergence of a new armed group in the Southeast of Liberia, is a gross disincentive for the people of Liberia who have struggled for so long to enjoy democratic governance and peace.

The pro-democracy organization asserts that massive displacement of people around the country coupled with the resultant hardship and mayhem which the people ensure should instruct the most heart-hardened monster that sanity and peace are a must and urgent for Liberians.

Meanwhile, MODEL makes it unequivocally clear that it is different in style, philosophy and mission from the armed group, which has ironically named itself as Movement for Democracy in Liberia, with similar acronym MODEL.

MODEL clarifies that it is a legal and genuine democratic organization founded under the laws of Liberia and committed to the advancement of civilized behaviors, peaceful co-existence and democratic values as opposed the group that has taken the path of conflict and bloodletting.

MODEL therefore urges the general public to scrupulously observe this unfortunate coincidence.


K-Hastings Panyonnoh, I
Executive Director, MODEL

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About MODEL: The Movement for Democracy and Elections in Liberia (MODEL) is a non-governmental organization that conducts democracy workshops and elections-oriented projects aimed at enhancing electoral transparency in Liberia.