Friends of Brumskine Condemn the Arrest of some of Byron Brown, George Gayebueh in Bassa

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Atlanta, Georgia

December 17, 2002

The Friends of Brumskine are again constrained to deplore, deprecate and condemn the unprecedented arrest of some of its members in Grand Bassa County-Messrs. Byron Brown, local chairman, and George Gayebueh.

Reports from Friends of Brumskine in Buchanan indicate that the men were arrested by a truck load of ATU men, on claims of Cllr. Brumskine's alleged support for the LURD rebels.

FOB notes further that the homes of the arrested men were ransacked and looted along with those of their immediate neighbors and acquaintances.

The Friends of Brumskine see these actions by the government as lending credence to the clairvoyance of others who may have predicted that there would be continued harassment and intimidation of political opponents in the run up to elections.

Such claims by the armed men and their bosses are not only bogus and criminal, but are purposely designed to instill fear in the popular support for the potential candidacy of Cllr. Brumskine in the ensuring plebiscite.

The Friends of Brumskine are reminded of this trend, whereby people affiliated with Brumskine are repeated harassed, intimidated, and threatened by state and related security actors.

We recall threatening responses from the Minister of Information when Brumskine spoke live from the United States on DC Talk; we are still aware of how Ledgerhood Rennie of Radio Veritas had a marathon meeting with the Minister of Justice when he hosted Brumskine on a live call-in program; we are further reminded of the arrest of Messrs. George Kabakollie, and Sherman Seequeh as they hosted an electoral education program in Rivercess County for their alleged "connection with Cllr. Brumskine."

Friends of Brumskine are concerned that such actions, when Cllr. Brumskine is yet to make a formal declaration of his aspiration, suggest that there is an embargo on any activity that seeks lawful political change in Liberia.

We firmly believe that Cllr. Brumskine has committed no crime and has the constitutional right to consider running for the presidency of this country, like any other Liberian.

In line with these beliefs, we like to warn that no one associated with Brumskine, and none of us who simply believe in the same democratic principles as Brumskine should be persecuted for our beliefs or opinions.

In addition, the arrest of Messrs. Brown and Gayebueh is illegal, given that no one can be held for whatever action another could have performed.

Finally, the Friends of Brumskine, herewith demand the unconditional release of their associates Messrs. Brown and Gayebueh and the return of all properties that were taken from their homes.


Isaac W. Jackson, Jr.

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