Let’s Manage the Available Resources


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted February 1, 2006


AGAIN LIBERIANS ARE at the crossroad to prove themselves right that they are capable to govern themselves following agonizing years of chaos as a result of bad governance.

IRONICALLY, A NATION blessed with abundant natural resources, has miserably denied itself development simply because state actors have always remained self-centered fetching for themselves the good of the nation’s economy at the disadvantage of the impoverished majority.

INDEED, THE LONG standing campaign if not advocacy still focuses on a fight against mis-management of the available resources that supposed to equally benefit the citizens, who have the inalienable right to survive on the God given gift, but to no avail.

WE WERE GREATLY touched a couple of days ago when a financial expert, now Finance Minister- designate, Antoinette Sayeh, made a clarion call on all Liberians to manage the available resources aimed at demanding international respectability.

SO TRUE THERE is no reason why we should continue to be retarded in growth economically given the glaring reality that this nation is endowed with sufficient natural resources, what a miss!

THOUGH DR. SAYEH’S call for fiscal financial reform may sound common, there is no way this country can develop if we maintain the legacy of self interest above the interest of the sovereign nation.

WE THEREFORE PLEAD with the Finance Minister-designate that this female-led government should not relent to dislodge the cancer - corruption that has been endemic to the growth and development of our nation state.

THE CHALLENGE IS ours, but specifically those Liberians who are placed at the helm of public trust to make positive impact on the lives of the suffering masses.

INDEED, THE AVAILABILITY of God-given resources to us as citizens and nation is out of question since those things are across the length and breadth of the country upon which our co-existence depends.

HOWEVER, THE PROBLEM of equity distribution of wealth remains the virus eating our nation’s fabric.

LET MAKE A radical change and turn a new page.

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