Catholic Prelate Jumps on Sirleaf, Others’ Back

Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted February 14, 2006


The Executive Mansion’s recent pronouncement that all former government officials be audited and anyone leaving the country must inform government before with the exception of ex-Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant and his Vice Wesley Momo Johnson has sparked up concern.

The statement which did not further elaborate whether the exemption of Messrs Bryant and Johnson could mean free from audit, has made the Catholic Apostolic Administrator Rev.Fr. Andrew Karnley to call for the audits of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, former Chairman Bryant and his Vice Johnson.

Outlining his reason for the audits, Rev. Fr. Karnley said it is prudent for these former heads of government to face audit because during the administration of Chairman Bryant different audits were conducted without any result.

He further emphasized that it is important for these past officials not to exempt themselves from said audit as they were at the helm of power, saying that these former officials havee more information to provide as “nobody is above the law.”

The Catholic prelate who said he does not support the hindrance of free movement of people indicated that these audits should be conducted as soon as possible so that people’s right of freedom of movement cannot be infringed upon.

He, at the same time said the citizens of the country have the right to know what is happening in government through the audit results that will be made public.

On the question of excluding former NTGL Chairman and his vice, Rev. Fr. Karnley noted that they are not above the law, citing the issue of Zambian former President Frederick Chuluba who is facing court proceeding on corruption allegations while in office.

He further pointed out that even President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf must not be exempted from the audit because she served as Chairman of Governance Reform Commission (GRC).

Giving his justification for President Sirleaf’s audit, the Catholic prelate said she should not be exempted because she did function as head of the Commission of former NITGL and if it means that commission must be audited then she would have to explain what transpired at the time, adding, “If the entire NTGL is to be audited then she should also be audited.”

According to him, the president will not refuse because she earlier stated in her inaugural address that she will live by example while serving as president of the land.

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