Morris Dukuly, We Are Taken Aback


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted February 14, 2006


THE MANAGEMENT OF The FORUM was yesterday dismayed and taken aback over the action of the Chief of Office Staff of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Morris Momolu Dukuly for denying the paper’s assigned correspondent at the Mansion access to the courage of the presentation of the Ghanaian Ambassador’s letters of credence to President Sirleaf.

WE STRONGLY BELIEVE that media institutions are represented at the Mansion to do independent work thereby informing the public about unfolding developments there.

ON THE CONTRARY, what The FORUM observed yesterday, when Ghanaian Ambassador Maj. Gen. Francis Adu Amanfoh went to present his letters of credence to President Sirleaf was nothing but a beginning of media selection by Mr. Dukuly for the coverage of the President’s activities at the Mansion.

WE DO NOT have problem with Mr. Dukuly’s assertion that the President’s office could not accommodate all the journalists present for which he requested reporters with recorder to allow two of their colleagues to handle their instruments, but what we have problem with is for those who had gone to take note who did not have recorders to be denied of first hand report.

WE ARE VERY much saddened by this early partiality on the part of the well learned media guru whom we are convinced us the limited space of the president’s office as an excuse to bar some media entities at will.

IN ANY CASE, we feel that Mr. Dukuly is beginning to obstruct the role of a free press in less than one month of the existence of a government that is expected to nurture press freedom at all levels and functions.

FINALLY, LET OUR concern remind Mr. Dukuly that this democracy is still young and needs the input of every segment including the press which has continued to advocate for democratic values over the years.

LET NOT MR. Dukuly stand as puss in the sore.

A HINT TO the wise is quite sufficient.

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