Reconsider Cllr. Janeh’s Nomination


By: Emmanuel King, Jr.

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted March 11, 2006


Recently, the President of Liberia Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf named a Chief Justice and Associate Justices to the Supreme Court Bench. Among those named was Cllr. Kabenah J’aneh former Justice Minister in the NTGL. He had been named along with Cllrs. Johhnie Lewis as Chief Justice, J. Emmanuel Wureh, Francis Korkpor, and Glady K. Johnson as Associate Justices together these men will administer Justice to the Liberian people at the highest level.

The naming of Cllr. J’aneh to the Supreme Court Bench is meeting a lot of criticism from women groups, the clergy and ordinary Liberians.

Together they all shared the same complaints and criticisms of Cllr. Janeh’s appointments that Cllr. Janeh was a member of LURD, the rebel faction that is remembered for raining terror on the Liberian people during the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the Monrovia fighting that is today known as world War I, II, and III in Liberia. Not only was Cllr. Janeh an active and defending member of the movement’s atrocities against innocent civilian but he on numerous occasions on the BBC lied about his movement’s bombardment of innocent civilians and after persistent confrontations and questioning from international journalists defended his movement’s action that was doing just the right thing in removing a tyrant.

Cllr. Janeh as Justice Minister was charged with the responsibilities of investigating complaints of corruption and other crimes committed by people in the NTGL in his capacity as Justice Minister and head of the government security system. Whether Cllr. Janeh even moved to investigate some of the ills that perpetrated the Liberian society during his two-year as Justice Minister is society established.

Madam President, may I ask you few questions: Has there been the thought before his nomination that Cllr. Janeh owes the Liberian people apologies for aiding and colluding with people of tainted characters to rein terror on innocent Liberians and lied about it.

Has there also been the thought that some of his staff at the Justice Ministry accused him of mal-practices? Has there also been the thought that Cllr. Janeh is one of the former ministers of the NTGL who is yet to be audited and cleared?

Do you now believe that he is as white as snow and has now been given a clean bill of health?
Well if so, there are others of the former NTGL who are in the same shoes as Cllr. Janeh who can also work in your government and help Liberia to move forward.

May I also draw your attention Madam President to the issue of Paul Mulbah who was removed from the transitional team when some Liberians cried out against his human rights record? The question is: Does Cllr. Janeh have a better record than Paul Mulbah or was Paul only being used as a scapegoat?

Did the Bar Association give the go- ahead or did it forward the name of Cllr. Janeh to your honorable office for nomination to the Supreme Court?

Well, having put forth these concerns expressed by women groups, a member of the religious community who also delivered message from God and ordinary Liberians, I beg your honorable office to revisit the nomination of Cllr. Janeh.

Let him face the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, get clearance and forgiveness; face the upcoming audit of former NTGL officials and if possible face the Justice Ministry Staff for their recent allegations against him and give the Liberian people the opportunity to see his guilt or innocence before appointing him to such a high and noble office.

Remember you promised competency, qualification and good human rights record as condition for employment in your government.

If action was taken to remove Paul Mulbah from the Transitional Committee amidst outcry from the public then please consider the case of Kabineh Janeh. I think Paul has a better record then Kabineh.

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